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For those of us who suffer from acne it is a painful and often depressing experience. Acne is a result of infected sebaceous(oil producing) glands. But the underlying factors can be hormonal, bacterial, racial/genetic, dietary or usually a combination.

Effective acne prevention needs to address the excess oil production that can lead to blocked pores, black heads & white heads (comedones), and excess bacteria. Acne treatment involves addressing the acute inflammation that characterizes the most painful phase of an acne episode. Also, effective treatment aims to reduce the damage & acne scarring that can occur in untreated acne.

Once acne production is under control, scarring can sometimes be an issue. Depending on the severity of the scar, a peeling gel should be considered. They are recommended for mild-moderate deep scars, acne scars with a pitted appearance or areas of hyper-pigmentation. We carry a number of acne treatment products such as acne creams, soaps for clearing acne and soaps that are as effective as a peel.

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