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Glutathione for African Skin.

Posted by Suzzy on 5/4/2014 to FAQ
Glutathione for African Skin.
Hi Beauties, 
One of the most common questions that I get is about skin whitening with glutathione, especially for Dark skin types like African or Indian. I would like to share this short e-mail from our client in France:

Good morning, I am a black person who live in France and I would like to undergo a full body whitening treatment. I learned a lot of informations about Gluthation and i think that it can help me. Indeed, I would like to get a lighter skin complexion. What kind of your products should i get if i want to be SAFELY more lighter ? There are so Many products and i don't know which one to choose ! How Many Times a week must I do these injections ? Is it in IV or IM ? Can i do the vials by myself ? When could I see a real result ? Best regards Segolene 

Dear Segolene
How are you? It is nice to hear from you.
We do have excellent products for whitening African skin. 
There are some things you should know, it is safe and it is effective for most people but it is not permanent and it takes months to get good results.
Glutathione inhibits the body's production of glutathione, gradually leading to fairer skin. It is a natural supplement and has many positive effects on health in addition to the skin benefits. It works best when done for an extended period and is dose dependent. Also it works best when used with topical whitening soap and lotion.
Glutathione should be administered daily by oral method or every 3 to 4 days by IV or IM. It can also be done sublingually if you don't have a nurse/doctor to administer the injection.
I hope this is helpful.

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Date 5/4/2014
caroline mugure
side effects
Date 5/5/2014
Hello Caroline, Glutathione is a natural supplement and causes no negative side effects. It has been used for over 70+ years for its many benefits. Thank you, Suzzy
Date 7/13/2014
hi, am interested in purchasing the relumins vials and i would like to use them via sublingual.Is it supposed to be done morning and evening twice in a week of 4 days in between? what kind of syringes does one need to use when doing the measurements and preparations please? Many thanks
Date 7/14/2014
Hello MC, It's very nice to hear from you. You use approximately 2 vials per week. One vial will last you for two days, 4 treatments (DAY ONE: 1 in the morning/1 in the evening; DAY TWO: 1 in the morning/1 in the evening). Please watch the YouTube video for more information about the sublingual administration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47AMH9IwhSc&feature=youtu.be Thank you! Suzzy
Date 7/20/2014
roslyn dolino
hi, Is this product really work?,within a month their is an improvement? coz i dnt want to waste my money,i just want to be sure that this product really work.. THANK U....
Date 7/21/2014
Hello Roslyn, Its very nice to hear from you. We have many customers that love the Glutathione products. You can find all the great reviews in the product listing. Result times vary from person to person depending on how Glutathione reacts in their system. Most customers see results after 1-2 bottles of Glutathione and after 1 month of using the vials. Thank you, Suzzy
Date 7/27/2014
sharon pova
Helo,i just made my order 4the complete whitening set and and some oda tins. so I'm yet 2 ascertain ao effectiv d relumins gluthatione Ta stem cell set is. Will definitely be back Hre wif results after usage. Tnx.
Date 7/28/2014
Hi Sharon, Keep us updated :) Thanks! Suzzy
Date 8/12/2014
Am now using the relumins soap,toner and relumins 1400 which am taking via sublingual and am on my 5th bottle now and I haven't seen any changes in my skin yet even when am using a body cream wihich contains hydroquinone..It might be too early for me to see any changes now but I will give it time and I will come back with a full detailed review soon. Many thanks
Date 8/13/2014
Hello dear, Result times vary from person to person depending on how Glutathione reacts in their system. However, many of our customers start to see results from the vials after the first month of continuous use. I recommend keep using the soap/toner twice a day, that will definitely help with your results. But please be careful with hydroquinone. Excess use of that ingredient can cause your skin permanent damage with dark/black spots. Thank you, Suzzy
Date 9/6/2014
Greetings: I am interested in purchasing the Glutathione as a supplement (orally), I am an African-American, and wish to lighten my skin. What lightening creams and soaps should I use, in conjunction with the oral supplement. And how often should I take the supplement? (I have tried other products for lightening, and did not receive desired results). I would like to place an order. How long does it take to ship?
Date 9/6/2014
Hi Kathy Great question. The Glutathione is a melanin inhibitor so it lightens gradually. Certain soaps, creams & lotions work by breaking down the melanin already present in the skin so the will make the capsules work better. Kojic Acid, Claire Blanche, and Licorice are some of the ingredients you should look for. We have a good selection just select products that match your skin type  Domestic orders usually take 2 to 3 days. Thanks Suzzy
Date 2/5/2015
Date 2/26/2015
Hi I have a dark Indian skin which has been exposed to sun tan as well. Also oily skin. Can you suggest which whitening cream would suit my skin type and how long would it take generally to see a difference in the skin tone?
Date 2/26/2015
Hi Archie, It's very nice to hear from you. We have many great creams to choose from. For oily skin, I would recommend the Relumins TA Stem Cell Intensive Repair Serum. It has a non-comedogenic formula, so it will not clog pores. It penetrates deep to help lighten & brighten your skin quickly. It also has the TA Stem Cell extract that help repair dry, damaged skin for younger, firmer skin: https://www.flawlessbeautyandskin.com/Authentic-Relumins-Advance-White-Stem-Cell-Therapy-Intensive-Repair-Serum-Deep-Skin-Whitening-Anti-Aging-Repair_p_417.html Because the products are made of all safe and natural ingredients, it hard to determine how long it will take to see results. But if you use the serum along with a good whitening soap, you should start seeing a different within the first month. Thank you, Suzzy
Date 4/6/2015
Sophia Adotey
I have dry skin and I want a lighter skin tone all over I am a nigerian (African)
Date 4/6/2015
Hello Sophia, We have many customers of African color and they achieve wonderful results from our products. Our products are made of only safe and natural ingredients so there are no negative side effects. Please find a list of our best selling products for African skin types: SOAPS: PREMIUM MAXIMUM - FOR NORMAL/OILY SKIN: https://www.flawlessbeautyandskin.com/Premium-Maximum-WhiteningPeeling-Soap-w-Glutathione-Arbutin-and-Kojic-acid_p_100.html RELUMINS TA STEM CELL SOAP - FOR NORMAL/DRY SKIN: https://www.flawlessbeautyandskin.com/Relumins-Advance-Whitening-Soap-With-Intensive-Skin-Repair-Stem-Cell-Therapy_p_358.html LOTIONS: RELUMINS INTENSIVE REPAIR: https://www.flawlessbeautyandskin.com/Authentic-Relumins-Advance-White-Stem-Cell-Therapy-Intensive-Repair-Lotion-Most-Advanced-Skin-Whitening-Repair_p_393.html MAKARI EXCLUSIVE: https://www.flawlessbeautyandskin.com/Makari-Exclusive-Active-Intense-Toning-Milk-with-Organiclarine-500ml--Maximum-Strength_p_635.html FACE CREAM: RELUMINS REPAIR SERUM: https://www.flawlessbeautyandskin.com/Authentic-Relumins-Advance-White-Stem-Cell-Therapy-Intensive-Repair-Serum-Deep-Skin-Whitening-Anti-Aging-Repair_p_417.html Please review the products I have recommended and let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Suzzy

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