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To Cleanse or Not to Cleanse?

Posted by Suzzy on 9/10/2014 to Anti-Aging

Natural cleanses have fallen in and out of favor many times over the course of human history. Modern women often wonder just how a cleansing regimen can help them – and precisely which methods they should use. Natural cleanses are becoming increasingly popular because they have such a wide range of benefits and are generally safe to use. 

People who cleanse regularly have reported high rates of success in losing weight, increasing energy and ridding themselves of headaches or other bothersome maladies. Before you decide whether to cleanse or not to cleanse, it is important to learn how these products work, which substances they typically are made of, and what to look for when choosing a cleansing product. 

Some people hesitate when they hear the words “detox,” but it’s simply a method of getting rid of artificial substances and chemicals from your body and diet. Getting rid of chemicals can lead to a much healthier lifestyle, and it shouldn’t be something that is feared. Cleansing the body is simply a way to prepare your body for a new, healthier you. If you’re considering a natural cleanse, here are just a few of the many reasons why people are increasingly turning to these products as a safe, effective way to improve their health naturally. 

How Does Cleansing Work? 

Many researchers believe the foods we eat can cause mucus to build up inside the body, especially in the colon. When mucus builds inside the colon, toxins are produced that can poison the body when they enter the circulatory system. By ridding yourself of toxins, you will feel better and healthier. 

Some reasons to consider a natural cleanse: 

      Boost energy

      Help with weight loss efforts

      Reduce bloating and gas

      Help reduce or eliminate headaches

      Stop fatigue in its tracks 

What are Common Ingredients in Natural Cleanse Products? 

Psyllium: This common cleansing ingredient is often used in laxative products. It is a soluble fiber that can help relieve constipation, curb diarrhea, eliminate hemorrhoids, and treat some forms of irritable bowel syndrome. Psyllium, when ingested, swells to form a gelatinous mass that pushes toxins and other waste products through the digestive system. 

Some research suggests psyllium can help reduce the risk of developing colon cancer and be helpful for people with high blood pressure. It is also a powerful cholesterol-lowering ingredient and can help in managing diabetes and other conditions. 

Ginger Root: A powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient, ginger root has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for a number of ailments. Ginger root can be used to treat nausea, colds and flu, menstrual cramps, and travel sickness. It is often taken by chemotherapy patients struggling with the nausea associated with treatment for their condition. Ginger root is a warming ingredient, which means it helps improve circulation and stimulates perspiration and digestion. 

Rhubarb Root: Used as an alternative treatment for digestive disorders for hundreds of years, rhubarb root is often found in natural cleansing products. In smaller doses, it helps balance and soothes the digestive system and can help treat upset stomach. Larger doses have more of a laxative effect and can be essential in ridding the body of undesirable toxins. 

Rhubarb root is commonly found in Chinese medicine and can also be used topically to treat burns or other skin disorders. New research suggests it might be helpful in treating some forms of hepatitis. Women who are pregnant should consult with a doctor before using a product containing rhubarb root. 

Senna Leaf: Taken from a plant native to China and India, the senna leaf has a variety of uses and is commonly found not just in natural cleanse products but in many herbal supplements. Senna leaf is often used for treating mild constipation, which is the role it plays in cleanse products. It works by stimulating colon muscles and encouraging water absorption within the colon. This helps soften stool and push it through the digestive system more effectively and rapidly. 

Apple Fiber: Considered a superfood by many, apple fiber is yet another ingredient commonly found in an effective cleansing regimen. This natural ingredient has a number of impressive health benefits, including improving the immune and lymphatic systems. Apple fiber can also help lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. 

It is used in cleansing products largely because it is proven to help regulate digestion and maintain a healthy intestinal tract. By increasing the absorption of nutrients and promoting healthy bowel regularity, apple fiber plays a key role in fighting obesity and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Effects of Cleansing 

People who seek to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight often turn to natural cleansing for help. Some people who cleanse regularly report losing up to five pounds in the first week alone. It is important to combine cleansing with a healthy diet that includes the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals as well as a solid exercise plan for the best possible weight loss results. 

Regular cleansing can significantly improve digestion as well, and can help people maintain a healthy intestinal tract. By improving digestion, the whole body becomes healthier. 

What to Watch For 

When choosing a natural cleanse product, there are a few things to keep in mind to be sure the regimen you are using is safe and effective. Check the label to ensure the product is all natural and contains no stimulants or artificial chemicals that could cause an adverse reaction. 

Typically, young children and women who are pregnant are not usually good candidates for a cleansing regimen. Be sure to consult with your doctor to discuss your intended program before you begin. A naturopathic physician can also recommend specific products or ingredients that will work best for you and will address your personal health concerns. 

Natural cleansing can be traced back centuries to ancient Greece. Many methods have been tried over the years, but today, natural cleansing has enjoyed a resurgence as a safe, effective method of removing potentially harmful toxins from the body. If you’re ready to start a healthier lifestyle, try Providence Labs Cleansing Fiber Formula for a safe and healthy cleanse.

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