Skin Whitening Soap Information for All Women
Posted by Sweet Suzzy on 5/21/2012 to FAQ
This blog post was inspired by the many emails I have received from customers with specific questions about whitening soap. I thought it would be helpful to everyone if I summarized these questions because it’s helpful information that all women could use. 

1. Can skin Glutathione whitening soap cause dark spots or hyperpigmentation? 

2. I have sensitive skin can I still use Glutathione Soap for skin whitening?

Glutathione-based skin whitening soap is used by hundreds of our clients, as well as by me and other family members without problem. It is a favorite of many stars & celebrities in Asia, as a quick safe way to brighten dark areas. That being said, it is impossible to know how every person will react to a product. If after using it, you any reaction that is causes concern, then you should stop using it right away.

It is important to remember that many approved skin treatments can cause temporary hyperpigmentation in sensitive individuals. The most common problems are with glycolic peels and with tretinoin/retin-a. It is very likely that any temporary damage caused by these products is caused indirectly by the chronic inflammation that they can trigger in people with extra-sensitive skin. But every case I've ever seen the damage that occurs is mild and temporary unless the treatment is continued for an extended period and symptoms are ignored.

As I said this soap has been used by hundreds of our clients as well as by me and other family members without problem. However, it is important to remember that it may be unsuitable for those with sensitive skin, and to discontinue use if persistent redness or swelling occurs after using it. The only ingredients that might cause minor irritation or temporary inflammation are the goats milk (lactic acid) or the kojic acid. In addition, the soap contains rose hip & glutathione which are naturally anti-inflammatory. Those products have been used safely by literally millions of women so their safety is proven and without question.

Nilda A. Mojica Date 5/22/2012 3:15:16 AM
I want to order St. Dalfour and Kojic Acid & Glutaton Dual Whitening / Bleaching Soap appx. 159gms.but my Address is in the Philippines. Thank you!
Nilda A. Mojica Date 5/22/2012 4:23:40 AM
I want to order St. Dalfour and Kojic Acid & Glutaton Dual Whitening / Bleaching Soap appx. 159gms.but my Address is in the Philippines. Thank you!
Suzzy Date 5/23/2012 11:31:13 AM
Hi Nilda We can send it to Philippines if you like. Thanks! Suzzy
Tessie Yamada Date 6/15/2012 5:25:18 PM
eto gustong kong omorder nito
alex mom Date 10/4/2012
Hi, Which soap has the strongest for the body ? & if so would be apropiate to use on face? if not which face soap would you recomend for combo skin? Thank you
Suzzy Date 10/4/2012
Hi Alex Mom The Premium Maximum Whitening Soap is the strongest available and can be used on the face & body. Please be aware that it is strong and can be irritating for some people. Thanks Suzzy
Shima Date 10/4/2012
Hie, I would like to order about 50-100pcs of glutathione + kojic acid soap and would want you to shipped to Singapore? May I enquire how much in total include shipping?
Suzzy Date 10/4/2012
Hi Shima Yes, we do ship to Singapore.The price would be $285 for 50 bars plus $67 shipping. For 100 bars $535 plus $91 shipping. Thanks Suzzy
jazz Date 1/9/2013
i want to order glutablend soap but how ? i live in philippines thanks!
Darryl Date 1/10/2013
Hi Jazz, How are you. Currently we do ship from the US to the Philippines. Just place your order online. In the future we will open an outlet in the Philippines If you are on our mailing list and Facebook you will get a notification. Please let me know if you need anything else. Thanks Darryl
anne Date 1/25/2013
nagdedeliver po ba kau sa canada?
Suzzy Date 1/26/2013
Hi Anne Yes, no problem, you can order on the website & we will send it to Canada. Thanks Suzzy
maricel panganiban Date 8/10/2013
How much ang shipping fee sa Philippines?
Suzzy Date 8/10/2013
Hi Maricel, We have free shipping in the Philippines. You can order in peso pricing there, Thanks Suzzy
Princess Marquez Date 9/5/2013
Hi Ms. Suzzy I want to know what is the best soap and cream for my face it has lots of dark spot because of the dried pimples and i have oily face..also want to ask what is best lotion and for much is the shipping fee here in jeddah saudi arabia, I am a filipina..thanks dear :)
Susana B Boleche Date 9/5/2013
Hi Princess How are you ? This soap is good to help reduce oily skin and also can help with acne scars: This is a set with the Relumins Day Lotion: It is our best lotion sis. This is our most popular Facial Set: Shipping to Saudia Arabia is $15 for Post or appx $29 for FedEx. Thanks Suzzy
Jean Date 9/5/2013
Hi, i have a dark skin tone, and i want to have a fairer complexion, i just want to ask which is the better soap, lotion, and cream that i can use? i live here in Hawaii.. and please include the total..
Suzzy Date 9/5/2013
Hi Jean Mahalo ? I can recommend either the St Dalfour or the Relumins, both are excellent. Authentic St. Dalfour Excel Face & Body Whitening Set With Gluta Sunblock Authentic Relumins Advance White Face & Body Set - TA Stem Cell Premium Day Cream, Intensive Repair Toner & Soap It is free shipping top Hawaii Thanks Suzzy
Ann Date 10/25/2013
Hi! Just discovered your blog and products...wonderful! I'm such a skin care junkie and have been caring for my skin since I was 11 yrs. old. I'm 50 now and have some beautiful skin but of course have a couple creases and some redness to my fair skin. Which products would you recommend for my skin? Thanks, ann
Susana B Boleche Date 10/26/2013
Hi Ann How are you? Thanks so much for your kind post. I’m a bit unclear about the redness, is that related to irritation, inflammation, environmental cause? A picture and a history of when it happens would be great. Suzzy
Yuri Date 10/29/2013
Hi Suzzy, I'm asian and my natural skin color is light brown , it's abit dry...So which soap whitening is for my skin ?...i want to have a white skin ...thank you
Suzzy Date 10/30/2013
Dear Yuri The best whitening soap for normal to dry skin is the Relumins: For best results you should consider using a combination of soap and lotion. Thanks Suzzy
Rachie Date 12/6/2013
Hi Suzzy, I really appreciate all your effort. I live here in Canada and I just order some of your products but I ordered mosbeau 's products but you have been mentioning and recommending other products for people but not mentioning of mosbeau, are you telling me now that other products are more working and more effective than mosbeau? And they are expensive please let me know and I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks
Suzzy Date 12/6/2013
Hello Rachie, Mosbeau's products are great and we highly recommend them. You might see us recommending some of the other products, such as Relumins, because they have been recently introducing new products & we want to make our customers aware of the new items coming out! But please know, Mosbeau is wonderful. Thanks,Suzzy
Joanna Toledo Date 12/16/2013
what is the best whitening soap should i try? many kinds of soap its hard to choose what is the best and more effective ?
Suzzy Date 12/16/2013
Hi Joanna, I would recommend the new Triple Black Soap from Relumins Spa Formula line. It is the most advanced whitening soap for normal to dry skin. Thanks, Suzzy
Suzzy Date 12/16/2013
Hello Joanna, Please describe your skin for me so I can help pick the best soap for you. Is your skin dry? oily? sensitive, etc. Thank you,Suzzy
Joanna Toledo Date 12/16/2013
I have dry skin .... Just wanna try body soap ...I hope you can help me.thank you
princessodibeze Date 2/20/2014
Do these soaps u mentioned contain glutathione,kojic acid & arbutin? I will need 20pieces of premium maximum soap,10pieces of triple white soap,10pieces of relumins triple black soap,10pieces relumins advance white acne clear u have glutathione+vit c pills,hw much is it?tell me the price & d cost of shipping to nigeria
princessodibeze Date 2/20/2014
Pls am a business woman,I want 2 buy the best lightening soap you have especially for blemishes,dark spots,pimples,knuckles & ageing.I will need like 50 bars of soap,which of d soaps do I need?hw much is It & d shipping 2 my country nigeria
mercy john Date 4/14/2014
hello sussy, a friend send me st dalfour excel cream, am scared of using any whitening cream because most of them causes dark knucles and sunburn. Will i have dark knucles and will my skin return to its real colour if i stop using st dalfour ?
Suzzy Date 4/15/2014
Hi Mercy, Its nice to hear from you. The Dalfour Beauty Excel cream is very popular and is the strongest whitening cream of the entire Dalfour Beauty line. The Dalfour Creams are made of all natural ingredients and contain no mercury or hydroquinion that can cause discoloration of the skin. Once your skin is lightened its very important to wear sunscreen and continue using a whitening soap or lotion to maintain your results. Thank you, Suzzy
Susana Boleche Date 6/1/2014
Hi Mahe Sorry, I have no experience with that cream. Suzzy
mahe Date 6/1/2014
What about NAFIA face cream from jeddah, Do you think is good to use
mahe Date 6/1/2014
What about NAFIA face cream from jeddah, Do you think is good to use
Rachel Date 6/3/2014
Please how do i get your products in Nigeria. How much is it to ship down here. Do you have agent(s) in Nigeria? Please let me know. Thank you.
Rachel Date 6/3/2014
Please how do i get your products in Nigeria. How much is it to ship down here. Do you have agent(s) in Nigeria? Please let me know. Thank you.
Suzzy Date 6/3/2014
Hi Rachel, You can order directly from our website, we ship worldwide via post or FedEx. We accept credit/debit cards, PayPal and Amazon checkout as payment methods. Thank you, Suzzy
Rachel Date 6/3/2014
Please how do i get your products in Nigeria. How much is it to ship down here. Do you have agent(s) in Nigeria? Please let me know. Thank you.
Swati Date 6/14/2014
Heya..I am quite fair but I have got tan.Also I want to be even more fair..pale to be true..kindly advise me what to use on my face and I need something for all my body too..possibly stronger at whitening and extremely effective. thanks.
Suzzy Date 6/16/2014
Hello Swati, Its very nice to hear from you. The strongest whitening soap available is the Premium Maximum soap. Great for treating dark spots and uneven skin tone. Thank you, Suzzy
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