Skin Whitening and Glutathione: What's the Connection?
Posted by Suzanne Gindi on 1/31/2013 to Skin Whiteners
One of the hottest topics in beauty and skin care today  is the use of glutathione and l-glutathione for skin whitening. Glutathione is already well regarded for its health benefits and now more information is available about its use for beautiful, clear skin. Check out my latest blog post with all the details about skin whitening and glutathione. As always, thanks for reading and please let me know your questions!
Suzzy Date 6/3/2013
Hi Mavie, I will email you directly. Thank You
Mavie Date 6/3/2013
Hi, Greetings! Id like to order a bottle of ishigaki. I want to know how much will i pay including the shipping fee bound to Toronto, Canada. Thank you
Suzzy Date 6/22/2013
Hi Joy How are you? We have $15 flat rate shipping to Singapore for international postal shipments, any quantity up to 2 Kilos shipping weight. We can also offer FedEx which is faster service. Is this for personal use or for resale? Thanks Suzzy
JOY MARAVILLA Date 6/22/2013
Hi, i like to purchase this Relumins Glutathione, how much will be the shipping rate to Singapore? Thanks!
sonam Date 7/24/2013
hi... its sonam... actually i am having a dusky complexion... i want a flawless fair skin... i have searched a lot on net n finally found ishigaki... acually i want to buy it. i am from india would you please let me know the cost including the shipping... thanx...suzzy
Suzzy Date 7/24/2013
Hi Sonam We can ship your order to India, the Ishigaki is $38.95 per bottle plus shipping. If you buy multiple, the price can be less too. Shipping is $15 via post or $29 via FedEx. FedEx is more reliable to India and much faster. Thanks Suzzy
enora Date 11/17/2013
hi i have been try too much stuff for a fawless fair skin im black african and i was thinking of glutathione injections i had that its great and i am wandering if you can give some advise please i also have some acne scars on my face and body. thanks Enora
Suzzy Date 11/18/2013
Hello Enora, The Glutathione Injections are safe and all natural with no negative side effects. We receive great reviews on the Relumins brand. It has the highest dosage of Glutathione available and is extremely effective. The Tatiomax is also a very popular brand as well. If you have tried other products - such as a soap, cream & capsule treatment kit and have not seen your desired results, trying the injectables should help. Thanks, Suzzy
Suzzy Date 11/22/2013
Hello Rey, Glutathione is the most effective oral skin whitener available and has numerous other health benefits. The Relumins capsules contain 800mg of L-Glutathione for maximum skin whitening & is proven safe and effective in numerous clinical studies with no negative side effects. I would recommend trying the Relumins capsules, along with a soap & cream as a treatment kit. Many of our customers receive great results using multiple products. Thanks, Suzzy
rey Date 11/22/2013
Hi, I would like to know what is the effective way to get white and flawless skin? I want to try glutathione, is it safe for me to use w/out doctor consultation? What about the oral glutathione which is more effective? Tnx & more power...
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