The 6 Most Effective Weight Loss Ingredients in Natural Slimming Products
Posted by Suzanne Gindi on 2/13/2013 to Slimming
There are few hotter topics in the world of beauty and skin care than weight loss. Effective, long-term weight loss remains just out of reach for so many. But that doesn’t have to be the case. A new generation of weight loss products are empowering people to reach and stay at their goal weight. But are these new products safe and what are the ingredients that make them effective? The effectiveness of most weight loss or slimming products hinges on what level of the following six ingredients are present in the product.

Green Coffee Extract - One of the most well known and widely recognized weight loss ingredients is svetol green coffee extract. The weight loss ingredient touted by Dr. Oz is effective for a two primary reasons: caffeine, which is a well-known natural calorie burner and chlorogenic, an antioxidant promotes weight loss by reducing the absorption of fat and glucose while improving metabolic function, which leads to increased calorie burn and more weight loss.

Green Tea Extract - Green tea extract is a health option for weight loss and should be included in any weight loss products you’re considering. Green tea extract is regarded as a great weight loss ingredient because they contain what’s known as catechins. Catechins are remarkable for weight loss because not only do they help burn calories, but they also actually help burn body fat, leaving with leaner muscle and a slimmer appearance.

Raspberry Ketone - When Dr. Oz calls something a “Fat burner in a bottle” then you know you better take a closer look. Found in the essense of raspberries, raspberry ketone regulates metabolism in the body which helps you burn more calories faster. Additionally, the “fat burner in a bottle” actually breaks up the fat within your cells more efficiently and effectively, which helps your body burn fat and lost weight faster.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract - Extracted from the garcinia cambogia fruit found in Asia, Africa and India, this slimming ingredient helps block the appetite and speed up weight loss. Garcinia Cambogia contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which has been proven to increase the rate of weight loss that’s already occurring. HCA works by blocking a key fat-producing enzyme. The less that’s produced, the better you look.

Bitter Orange - Everyone from the Mayo Clinic to WebMD has discussed the weight loss properties contained in bitter orange. The bitter orange herb comes from the bitter orange tree and is effective in raising your metabolism so more calories are burned through your normal course of activity and exercise.

There’s a famous saying that knowledge is power. Now that you have a better knowledge of what’s in weight loss  and slimming products and what to be mindful of, you have the power to make the decision to look and feel your best!

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mohammad samara Date 2/13/2013
Hi how r u I bought from u guys before Authentic Japan Hokkaido Slimming pills ...I bought 2 boxes ...the thing I need to buy some more ,,my question do I have to buy 12 boxes or I can get 3 or 4 boxes ???? Plz email me as soon as possible ..thanks
teresita laborte Date 2/21/2013
im fat,my weight is 78likos,my height is 5'2
Suzzy Date 2/21/2013
Hi Teresita You can really benefit from slimming capsules, they will make it easier for you to control what you eat and to lose weight gradually. The Body Beauty capsules also help improve your mood so it is easier to stick to your healthy diet. Suzzy
Muhammad Imran Baig Date 2/22/2013
Hey I want reduce my weight my height is 5'-9" and weight is 103 Kg
Suzzy Date 2/22/2013
Dear Muhammed I recommend that you try our Body Beauty Capsules, it is very effective at reducing weight safely. You are about the same size as my husband and he has reduced by 11 pounds in 3 weeks using the capsules. He is sleeping better and has more energy, and he looks great. He wants to reduce from 245lbs to 205lbs. You should take 1 capsule with each meal and avoid sweets. After about 1 week you will notice that you feel more energy and your mood will improve, and you can improve the b
Joy Date 2/23/2013
I just ordered 1 bottle but was just wondering from all your slimming capsules what do you recommend the best?
Joy Date 2/23/2013
I just ordered 1 bottle but was just wondering from all your slimming capsules what do you recommend the best?
Suzzy Date 2/23/2013
Hi Joy The Body Beauty is the most unique slimming capsule we have ever seen. It has benefits for appetite, blood sugar control(so you won't feel weak & tired), mood, metabolism & fat burning. It will take 4 to 8 days before you start getting the full effect because it works on supporting your body systems, unlike a drug which can work short term but not long term. Take 1 with each meal for best results. Suzzy
Joy Date 2/23/2013
Thank you for your respond. I should have ordered more than 1 bottle. I can't wait to get my order. Thanks again.
Joy Date 2/27/2013
Hi Suzzy, I got my order, thank you for the fast shipping. But I just wanted to confirm that it was ok to take 3 capsules for better/faster results because on the bottle said serving 2 caps a day. & do I take it 15/30 mins before meals. Joy
Suzzy Date 2/27/2013
Hi Joy Start with 2 caps for the first week, breakfast & lunch, I take mine with the meal. 2nd week you can add 1 more with dinner. Thanks Suzzy
ChatterMom Date 3/3/2013
Teresita - I best recommend Body Beauty Capsules... I just placed 4bottles! Though I haven't tried it yet but I know it'll work best like the Gold Body Beauty Slimming Coffee... Thanks to Suzzy for keeping me informed each time... To start with, 5months ago - I was on my heaviest weight at 172lbs(86kilos) ... I was desperate to try anything to keep off my excess weight... My friend came back from vacation(Phil.)and brought me 3boxes after consuming all -I have unbelievably lost 30lbs - dress siz
ChatterMom Date 3/3/2013
dress size 16 to size 10 or 8 ... Yeah! And I was able to keep 142lbs a little over 2moths now. According to Suzzy the capsule woks even better :) I thought so too ! Much easier... No need to boil hot water and wait for a minute or two until it's tolerable to drink( Body Beauty Slimming Coffee) But with the capsules - it'll make my life much much better... Perfect for my busy life!!! Good luck Teresita - I hope that this bring some light to your end!!! There's hope! And Suzzy is our key...
moony kinany Date 3/7/2013
iam so fat 145kg hight 170cm iam taking thiroid med. and hight blood preuser med.
Suzzy Date 3/7/2013
Hi Moony The Green Coffee Capsules are safe for people with thyroid & high blood pressure. But you should still check with your doctor. Suzzy
Yay Date 3/27/2013
Hi Suzzy, What is the side effects of this Body Beauty Slimming caps? I tried slimming coffee with a different brand but I experienced palpitation.
Suzzy Date 3/27/2013
Hi Yay How are you? The slimming capsules are much safer than the slimming coffee, it is a new formula and made in the USA with natural ingredients and is compliant with FDA regulation. We haven't had any complaints of palpitations, dry mouth or blood pressure increase so I think you will be ok to use it. Suzzy
ajmalpanwar Date 3/28/2013
90 kg
ajmalpanwar Date 3/28/2013
90 kg
Basra Date 5/15/2013
Hey Suzzy I am 5.6ft and 82kgs and i want to loose weight before my graduation in August this year. Which is your most effective product and how many do i have to intake every day for most effective result?
Suzzy Date 5/15/2013
Hello, I would recommend the Green Coffee Capsules, it is safe, effective and works fast without any drastic change to your lifestyle. Use One capsule daily, 15 minutes before breakfast or lunch. Dosage can be safely increased to 2 capsules per day as needed. Effects: When consuming Green Coffee 800 it is normal to lose 2 to 4 pounds your first week. For continued enhanced weight loss use moderate caloric reduction and exercise. Here is a direct link: http://www.flawlessbeautyand
Bgirl Date 6/27/2013
What would you recommend for a person weighing 168-170lbs and 5'7 in height.
Suzzy Date 6/27/2013
Hello, I would recommend the Body Beauty Capsules, the formula contains green coffee extract, green tea extract and bitter orange- as well as other effective weight loss ingredients. This formula is safe and effective and have no side effects. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank You, Suzzy
Rochelle Date 7/8/2013
hello! I ordered hokkaido slimming pills and it worked in controlling my appetite! i am looking into ordering but i am not sure if i should get the green coffee or the Body beauty. I would like to lose ma30 lbs asap . Please help!
Suzzy Date 8/12/2013
Hi Charlene, kumusta  Just text Anne, she will get that from my office there La muna Suzzy
charlene Date 8/12/2013
hi ate :) ask ko Lang po sana if how to avail ? merun po ba kayo nyan dto sa pilipinas ? may binili po kc aq kay mates na sliming coffee kaso id stop . pangit kc ng lasa :) gusto q po sana yung katulad nto slimming pills lang :) i hope u responce po thanks :*
Chelsie Date 9/30/2013
Hi Suzzy, I'm on the 2nd week of using Garcinia Cambogia and I take it twice a day 30min before breakfast and lunch. But when I stepped on the scale I weighed the same. For 2 weeks on the Garcinia Cambogia I have weighed 170. I'm confused if its working or not? Or should I wait a little longer to see results?
Kevin Cook Date 12/18/2013
Hi Suzzy, I've order the whitening placenta---wow--- now I order Both the gluthonie with c and other nutrients . Will you Suggest a soap and powder with human placenta in it. Also can human placenta be safely injected into the neck. All I need are the smallest gauge needle. Respectfully , kevin
Suzzy Date 12/18/2013
Hello Kevin, We received your order thank you! The Relumins Advance White Stem Cell Soap has placenta protein as an ingredient. Also, we do not have any small gauge needles, however if you go to the following website you can order any syringe you may need with no perscription: Thanks, Suzzy
Suzzy Date 1/2/2014
Hello Ruth. There is no easy fix or magic supplement that will help you lose weight instantly. Firstly, you have to gradually increase your physical activity more & more week by week. Secondly, you have to cut all of your trigger foods out of your diet. Trigger foods are foods that cause you to want to eat more. Trigger foods are different for every person. Some examples are chips, carbs, sugars and greasy foods. Thirdly, its important that you adjust to portion sizes. Fourthly, taking the correct supplements. To jump start the weight loss, I would recommend using a slimming coffee/drink to help curve your appetite. Do not use these if you are nursing. After you start feeling better and seeing results I would start taking the Body Beauty Capsules. It is a natural supplement and is better for a longterm solution. Thank you, Suzzy
ruth alexis Date 1/2/2014
I had a baby in June I'm 213 help please I need to lose weigh
Weight loss factor Date 3/26/2014
I feel that this product is useful.I ask my friends also to try it. This product has no side effects.
gen Date 3/27/2014
hi im 5"0 and weighs 108 lbs.. i really wanna loose 10 lbs.. can u recommend what s the best slimming capsule for me?ty
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