Treating Acne and Acne Scars
Posted by Suzanne Gindi on 2/26/2013 to Acne
One of the biggest skincare and beauty issues we hear about is acne and acne scars. Few things have such an impact on the way someone sees themselves and the way others see them. Too many people have suffered for too long with acne-related issues. Regardless of your age, nationality or gender, you don’t have to live with your acne or acne scars as they are today. You must be proactive to take the steps necessary to prevent or reduce further outbreaks and subsequent scarring, and you must heal and eliminate any current scarring. I know this is a difficult issue. It’s one I’ve faced myself.

During my pregnancy, I developed acne that eventually lead to acne scars after my son was born. All of my previous acne scars had taken a long time to heal so I knew these would as well. While I was pregnant, I didn’t want to use a lot of beauty products and reduced the amount of makeup and cosmetics that I wore. After my son was born, I decided to be a bit more proactive and used this steamed whitening cream for sensitive skin. As I mentioned, all of my previous acne scars took a long time to heal - several months. Using the whitening, I noticed a remarkable difference in less than six weeks that really lifted my spirits.

Many people feel that they must simply accept their acne scars and just not be completely pleased with their skin. Nothing could be further from the truth. Acne scars can be effectively dealt with when we know what to do. Most important, and I cannot overstate this, the #1 way to deal with acne scars is prevention. Stopping them from occurring in first place or greatly reducing the frequency and severity of their appearance is the best long-term solution for dealing with acne scars.

So, how do you stop acne from occurring? That’s going to take several steps including diet, lifestyle and the rights soap and skin products.

If you’re not eating right, that’s going to be reflected in your body and in your skin. Remember, your skin reflects your general health and if your diet isn’t healthy or isn’t balanced, your skin will not look as good as it could. Change this one thing and you’ll go a long way towards looking better and feeling better. Make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep, drinking less alcohol, not smoking and always protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

When your diet and lifestyle are healthy, your body and skin will also be healthy. However, of course, that’s often not enough. You’ll also need the correct soaps and skin care products for your skin type. I’ve met many people who, once they started using the right products for their specific skin type, their acne and acne scars quickly reduced. Products are made for certain skin types such as oily or dry, and even customized for various ethnicities. If you think you’re using the right type of products, you owe it to yourself to confirm that. If you’re unsure, leave a comment on this post and I’ll let you know the type of products that are best suited for your specific skin type and composition.
farha brunache Date 5/13/2013
in my late 40's i've been suffering with severe oily/acne for the past three months. My dermatologist put me on antibiotics orally and topically for a month now and they don't seem to be working but she claimed it will take a while to be effective and the topical antibiotics cause discolorations to my face. Make-up doesn't help with the discolorations and the acne is getting worst. It's so embarassing please Help!!!!!!
Suzzy Date 5/14/2013
Hi Fartha, I am going to send you an email, so I may send recommendation as links! Thanks, Suzzy
Orchid Date 6/23/2013
Hi, I am in my late 30's and I now get pimples/acne when my period is due. The pimples takes a while to go and leaves scars/marks on my skin. Please advise what I can use to eliminate this problem. Thanks, O
Suzzy Date 6/24/2013
Hi Orchid, I would highly suggest the St Dalfour. There are many variations, here's a link to best find the variety that is best in your skin tone: This is a great night time spot treatment, which allows the product to seep into the skin. Thank You
mgarchie, uk Date 7/10/2013
suzzy, i am 37 and i have exacerbation of acne in my chin and forehead, i tried dermatologistssssss and other antibiotics and skin peels such as glyco;ic and salicylic peels, it improves a bit but not much and its costing me an earth. pls help me control my acne. thnx
Susana B Boleche Date 7/10/2013
Hi Maricor Please send me some pictures so I can understand it better. Thanks Suzzy
adelaide Date 7/13/2013
hi i am having alot of pimples on my face and i also have an oily skin. i have been suffering from this for the past 8years and i have been trying alot of skin care products but no avail. i am a dark skinned person and i dont have an even tonned skin. i will like you to recommend products that can give me an even tone 2 or 3 shades off my natural colour. my knuckles and knees are very stubborn as well to bleach.
Susana B Boleche Date 7/15/2013
Dear Adelaide How are you? Please consider the following: Very good for exfoliating skin and reducing excess oil. Also very nice whitening soap. Formulated for daily use on oily to acne-prone skin to gently exfoliate dead skin cel
Jean Date 10/9/2013
Please help me with my pimple scars. It's deep already! :(
Suzzy Date 10/9/2013
Hello Jean, I will add your email to our mailing list. We will be introducing a new treatment for acne scars that I believe will work great for you! It involves a derma-roller and a very effective cream that will help penetrate the skin for great results. Keep a look out - it should be coming out the next couple weeks! Thank you :)
Mae Date 11/23/2013
I just turned 20 and pimples started popping out on my face and it leaves scars. I've never change any of the products I've been using since high school. I don't know what to do anymore.
Susana B Boleche Date 11/23/2013
Hi Mae I’m so sorry to hear that you are having these acne problems. Can you tell me more about your skin: 1. Is it oily, or oily T-Zone? 2. What causes the acne to get worse, stress, type of food, menstruation? 3. What products are you using now? I will try to help so don’t be too worried. Suzzy
Mae Date 11/29/2013
My skin is a little oily. My mom's convincing me that it may be because of stress, I've been working on my thesis for a while and I've been sleeping late. I've bee using garnier pure active scrub now and garnier light complete but I can see slow results. Scars on my face also doesn't lighten. I've been sleeping earlier now.
Suzzy Date 11/29/2013
Hello Mae, if your skin is not sensitive, I would recommend trying the Premium Maximum Whitening soap. If your skin is sensetive, I would recommend using Relumins new Glycolic Max Soap. Both soaps will lift away excess oils, helps relieve skin of acne and clogged pores as well as whiten and even skin tone. Thanks, Suzzy
Suzzy Date 11/30/2013
Hi Mae You can always use BB Creams or concealer but try to find one brand that matches your skin. Take care! Suzzy
Mae Date 11/30/2013
Hi Suzzy! Yes, I have sensitive skin. Thank you! My mom bought me the Mosbeau Green Tea Facial Soap, would you recommend that to me? And could I use bb creams or concealer to hide my scars for a while? Thank you so much! I would order the Relumins Glycolic Max Soap. I'll talk to my mom about it.
Juliet Date 12/9/2013
Hey Suzzy, I am highly disappointed with you guys.... I was searching online and I came across your website to buy some items for d first time and you guys disappointed out of the order that I ordered for the I bought with 63.95 authentic mosbeau dark spot remover was not included in the package and u deduct the money from my credit card how am suppose to recommend you for other people when you deliver what you were suppose to send out? Pls just tell your staff to always take good care of customers order..... I am not happy at all.
Suzzy Date 12/10/2013
Hello Juliet, I apologize for the inconvenience. Our #1 priority is making sure our customers are happy. Please let me help you. Can you provide me with your order number or full name on the order? Awaiting your reply. Thanks, Suzzy
og Date 12/17/2013
hi suzzy,my name is og,i have this stubborn pimples on my forehead which has refused to disappear after trying many products including clinique anti blemish kit but to no avail.please what treatment do u suggest to me as a dark skinned person.i also bought the holly wood style astringent toner from your website,it cleared my skin a bit but the pimples still remains.many thanks
Suzzy Date 12/17/2013
Hello Og, Its very nice to hear from you. Relumins has just created a brand new Acne Pro line of products including a toner, serum, bar soap and foaming face wash. We should be receiving them this week & they should be available for purchasing next week. Stay tuned! Thanks, Suzzy
Charisse Date 12/26/2013
Hi Suzzy. I have been suffering from acne 2 years after I have moved to Canada. I was put on Accutane (in 2010) for 4 months by my doctor & that cleared my acne but left scars. I still get breakouts with my period. I am currently 2 months pregnant and my acne is starting to get worse again. Is there anything I can use to control this. What food should I avoid? Thank you.
Suzzy Date 12/27/2013
Hello Charisse, First let me mention the foods that you should avoid. Everyone has different trigger foods, mine is nuts but others have been chocolate and chips, etc. Besides them its very important to stay away from sugar and simple carbs. Both cause thick, sticky sebum which is the main cause of acne. I do hope you know that you should not use Accutane while pregnant, there are many warnings about that product being harmful while pregnant. Relumins just came out with a brand new Professional Acne Care brand. These products should work great for you. These products wont only help treat acne now, but will help your skin for life. They will be available to purchase this weekend. Once you treat the acne problem contact me again and we can start working on your acne scars. Thank you, Suzzy
Amaka Date 2/9/2014
Hello suzzy, I have very oily skin that is always prone to serious acne & scares.How do I solve this problem.Also can you recommend what I can use to lighten my skin for a fawless complexion. pls reply through my e mail Thanks
Suzzy Date 2/9/2014
Hi Amaka You will need different products for your face & body. For your face I recommend: For your body: Thanks Suzzy
Suzzy Date 2/9/2014
Hi Amaka You will need different products for your face & body. For your face I recommend: For your body: Thanks Suzzy
Hang Nguyen Date 4/26/2014
Hi, Suzzy I have problem with acne , and an oily skin type.. I did purchased the excel st Dalfour.. It made my skin look lighter . I really love it, but it is so oily . Could you let me know which one is good for my skin? I want to control my oily skin, clear acne scar and blackhead, and control my acne.
Hang Nguyen Date 4/26/2014
Hi Suzzy Can you let me know which one is good product for whitening my body?
Suzzy Date 4/28/2014
Hello Nguyen, Its very nice to hear from you. We carry great acne products from Relumins. Recently, we have been hearing wonderful results from many of our customers. Here is the link for the acne treatment kit: This will help control the excess oil and acne breakouts. The Dalfour Beauty Steamed Cream is a good whitening cream for oily skin - all the oil is steamed out! Thank you, Suzzy
Suzzy Date 4/28/2014
Hi Nguyen, A good whitening soap, such as the Premium Maximum and whitening lotion, Relumins Intensive Repair Lotion are great body whitening products! Thanks, Suzzy
Doletha Date 5/17/2014
Suffered with acne for many years. Within the past two years it has seem to have gotten worse, sore, and leaves scars. In my late 40's.
lola Date 5/19/2014
hi, I'm 34 years old, and ive been suffering from pcos induced acne for about 3 years now, though my medications have reduced its occurrence, I still have break outs like once a month. the problem now is with the numerous highly visible dark spots on my face. its really embarrassing and I have to apply concealer all the time. my face is quite sensitive and oily( and not only the t-zone). pls what do u recommend ? thanks.
Suzzy Date 5/19/2014
Hello Lola, Its very nice to hear from you. As long as the PCOS is controlled, the monthly breakouts should respond well to acne medication. I recommend trying the Relumins Acne Care Set. Thank you, Suzzy
Suzzy Date 5/19/2014
Hello Doletha, Its very nice to hear from you. I highly recommend trying the Relumins Pro Acne Care Line. We have been hearing very positive results from our customers! Here is a link: Thank you! Suzzy
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