How to select the best type of St Dalfour Cream for your skin type.
Posted by Susana Gindi on 3/31/2013 to FAQ
Women all over the world rely on the St Dalfour Beauty Whitening creams. While many people know St Dalfour France for their delicious jams & food products, the Original St Dalfour creams are from Kuwait. These creams have helped so man women achieve clearer, whiter, healthier and even-toned skin. But so manuy of you want to know the best way to use it!

Skin creams and beauty whitening creams are greatly misunderstood by most people. That’s not surprising considering the myriad of choices on the market. Plus, there’s been little educational information made available regarding the different types of skin whitening creams and which one is appropriate for various types of skin.

We’ve compiled six leading skin whitening creams and will examine their benefits and discuss the types of skin with which each product is appropriately used.

To keep our list comprehensive and uniform, all skin creams included are manufactured by St. Dalfour. They can be easily compared and then the best choice can be made for your skin. All creams listed below are effective for general skin lightening, as well as treating light spots, acne scars and melasma.

1. Pinkish - For skin that needs extra moisture. This cream is a good daily use cream and is especially helpful for small lines and light spots. Typically, people over 40 years of age benefit greatly from Pinkish cream. The oil content of this cream moisturizes and helps repair dry, damaged skin.

2. Red M - For healthy, fairly well moisturized skin. Undamaged skin that needs lightening or whitening will benefit from Red M. This cream helps with acne marks and freckles, leaving the skin softer and clearer. It is excellent for use with most caucasian skin types. Red M protects against future freckles when applied weekly after the initial daily applications.

3. Filipina - For skin that has a higher oil content. The Filipina cream is, essentially, considered the Red M for oily or Asian-type skin. It is protective and will leave the skin looking brighter and feeling softer. Filipina will properly moisturize the skin while also helping to prevent some of the damage done by the sun and wind.

4. Non-Oily Filipina - Similar to Filipina, but for skin that already has a high oil content. This is not a moisturizing cream. Non-oily Filipina is excellent for blackheads, acne and damaged skin. Its low oil content means this cream will not clog the pores.

5. Steamed - For very sensitive skin. All oil is steamed out of this whitening cream. Similar to Non-Oily Filipina, Steamed is not a moisturizer. Steamed works well with oily skin and can help repair the damage done by acne and blackheads. Apply consistently during acne breakouts for the best results.

6. Excel - For skin that has already used whitening and brightening products. Excel is maximum strength and has double the whitening power of the other creams. It is very effective, but it should not be your first skin whitening cream. Excel moisturizes but its biggest impact is in lightening, brightening and whitening your skin.

Keep in mind that all the skin cream mentioned must be used according to their instructions. Typically, that means daily applications which then lead to weekly applications once desired, initial results are seen. Regardless of which skin whitening cream is best for you, be sure to follow the included instructions closely and monitor your skin carefully.

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Suzzane “Suzzy” Gindi, the owner of Suzzy is married to Jack Gindi with a cute baby boy. Suzzy is an expert in skin care and has taught various beauty care trainings and seminars in the Philippines. Selling quality beauty products is her business including Skin Whitening and Bleaching Products. Suzzy and her sister Anne Boleche are well known dancers and entertainers in the Philippines.

jocelyn shiobara Date 4/9/2013
im starting using st.dalfour cream far it is good,my skin become whiter than before. my question is is this safe to continue using this product??
Susana B Boleche Date 4/9/2013
Hi Jocelyn Yes it is very safe. We recommend taking a break of 2 weeks after every 2 months of use so your skin can maintain healthy balance. Thanks Suzzy
Suzzy Date 6/28/2013
Hello Fely, We do have an office in QC, Philippines - you may order directly from them. It is free shipping for local Philippines orders. Their website is, or you may use the link from our home page. For Dry skin, I would suggest the relumins TA Stem Cell soap, this is the most hydrating whitening soap. For dark spot and freckles I would suggest the St Dalfour pinkish cream, as it is the most hydrating variation. The St Dalfour is a great night tim
Fely Bernabe Date 6/28/2013
I'm very much interested in buying your product Where can I place an order I'm from the Philippines but I can also ask Relatives from America (Los Angeles) Place my order Can you suggest w/c is good for me Have very dry skin, with dark marks or freckles Thank you
catherine vidamo Date 7/20/2013
where can i place my order for st. dalfour cream??
cristina ligab Date 11/2/2013
Hi ma'am would u please help me which product u suggest i have dark spot ,,freckles and pimples thanks i m here in hongkong ma,am i want to try ur product to order ur product ?thanks
Thrushna Date 12/16/2013
Hi Suzzy, Iam already using filipina beauty. I have lot of blackheads on my nose. Mine is combination skin, my T zone is oily and my skin is very sensitive. Can u suggest me a gud dalfour cream which is gud for whitening and control pimples and blackheads. Thanks Thrushna
Suzzy Date 12/16/2013
Hello Thrushna, St. Dalfour does not make a cream that helps treat acne. I would recommend using the Triple White Soap is great for whitening, relieving excess oil and cleanses deeply embedded dirt; helps remove black/white heads. To help tone your skin, I would also recommend using the Relumins Advance White Solution. Thanks, Suzzy
Sai Date 12/16/2013
Hi Suzzy, I have a sensitive skin with blackheads on my nose. Iam looking for a whitening cream which could control my blackheads and make skin fairer. Iam already using filipina beauty. Kindly recommend me a good one. And am also looking for full body whitening
Suzzy Date 12/17/2013
Hello Thrushna, we currently do not have any whitening/acne fighting creams. Relumins is coming out with an acne pro line and it should be available soon. Using a whitening/peeling soap will help with the blackheads and using the Filipina/Excel cream will help make your skin fairer. Please take a look at the following face & body set by Relumins. This set includes everything you need to get fairier, healthier, glowing skin. Thanks, Suzzy
Ronica Date 12/22/2013
Hi Suzzy,I wanted to know if all the products are effective on African American dark skin complexion? Also is all your products recommended for use on African American dark skin?
Susana B Boleche Date 12/22/2013
Hi Ronica Most products are effective for African American skin, but it takes longer to see results than for Asian or Indian skin. I don’t always know which of our clients are African American but the most popular with our West African clients are these: Please let me know if I can be of further help. Suzzy
mikaella Date 1/17/2014
Hi Suzzy! i just want to ask if there are side effects should i discontinue using st. dalfour. I am not really using it to have a whiter skin because i am already fair, Chinese/Filipina however, i am using it due to my acne scars. I need your advice please. thanks.
Suzzy Date 1/17/2014
Hi Mikaella, The Dalfour Beauty creams are very safe whitening creams and should not give you any negative side effects. Depending on your skin, I would recommend the Non-oily Filipina or the Steamed Cream for your acne scars. They contain little to no oil content so it will not clog your pores and will help with the damage caused by acne. I would also recommend using a soap, the new Relumins Glycolic Max Soap is great for exfoliating dead & damaged skin to reveal new healthy skin. Thank you, Suzzy
Suzzy Date 4/15/2014
Hello Beth, It's very nice to hear from you. Thank you for bringing the 'view cart' button to my attention. Somehow the settings were changed but I fixed it and you should be able to see all the items in your cart. Regarding the different products, please tell me more about your skin and the results you desire. Is your skin oily? dry? normal? sensitive? Thank you, Suzzy
Beth Toneza Date 4/15/2014
hi, I have freckles spreading on my face maybe because of my menopausal stage. Have Asian skin and I don't know which one I need to use and which steps and products I need to use and follow. Can I get injectables for wrinkles too. I also making orders for my name for my friends because they don't have paypal. I have trouble checking my cart all the time because there's no option to view cart. please review your settings. thank you.
sanusha singh Date 6/16/2014
Hi Does any of your products contain Hydroconine? I'm Asian and have used Golden Products previously which worked well. I have freckles and a few pigmentations but do not want any skin lightning products that have the above content or would get worse in the sun. Just want an even skin tone and hopefully get rid of some of my pigmentations and freckles. Live in the do I order ?
Suzzy Date 6/17/2014
Hello Sanusha, Our products do not contain Hydroquinone. Long term use of that ingredient can cause permanent damage to the skin that is irreversible. I would recommend using a whitening soap and lotion/cream. You can order directly from our website, we ship worldwide via FedEx or Post. Thank you, Suzzy
sanusha singh Date 6/23/2014
Hi Suzzy Thank you for getting back to me....I would really like to get rid of a few pigmentations, I have light freckles but that's not a major problem. End result would really like an even tone, and to get rid of marks. You'd mentioned something that gives you a airbrush result ? Please can you, also how long before seeing results ? Many thanks, Sanusha
Suzzy Date 6/24/2014
Hello Sanusha, You're very welcome :) I would recommend one of the following dark spot/acne scar treatment sets: Result times vary from person to person but with continuous use, most customers start seeing results within the first couple weeks. Thank you! Suzzy
cherry Date 7/3/2014
good day, I just want to ask what should apply to my face to make age young and white face. Thank you.God bless.
Suzzy Date 7/4/2014
Hi Cherry Please send me a picture of your skin so I can make the pest recommendation. Suzzy
klm banyai Date 7/27/2014
Hi I have a dark skin (Indian) my face has very black patches especially around my mouth and forehead and cheeks which cream should use and where can I order it from thanks most kindly
Suzzy Date 7/28/2014
Hello Klm, It's very nice to hear from you. Any of the Dalfour Beauty creams are great for dark spots. This article explains which cream is best for different types of skin. You can order directly from the website, we accept Credit/Debit cards, PayPal and Amazon checkout. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you, Suzzy
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