Benefits of The SAEM Touch On Body Water mint Body Lotion 300ml

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Soothe and nourish your body with The SAEM's Touch On Body Lotion.
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Benefits of The SAEM Touch On Body Water Mint Body Lotion

The SAEM Touch On Body Water Mint Body Lotion, enriched with water mint extracts and other essential oils, nourishes, smooths, and softens the appearance of dry skin while providing a moisture barrier that uplifts skin and provides long-lasting hydration.

- Lightweight formula smooths and softens with active natural ingredients and butters to provide plumpness and hydration to the body. 
- Enriched with moisturizing water mint and other fruit extracts to replenish and refresh the skin while building up its optimum health to protect the skin from pollutants.
-Naturally stimulating essential oils jump start the mornings with a minty, fresh aroma that helps open up airways and pores, wiping out any free radicals that had affected the skin resulting in more refreshed, healthier skin.
- Non-greasy after-feel perfect for everyday use for the morning or night.

Water Mint Extract - Mint Oil is obtained from the leaves and is used to soothe the skin and help reduce redness and swelling in blemishes. It contains a lot of Vitamin A, which controls the secretion of oil and deeply cleanses pores while soothing irritated skin and toning pores. 

*Contains 300 ml of Touch On Body Water Mint Body Lotion.

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