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Common Hair Care Mistakes

Posted by Suzzy on 7/2/2014 to Stuff

Attention: Not all hair products are created equal. If you want soft, shiny, beautiful hair, pay close attention to how you care for your locks. From what conditioners you apply to the brushing techniques you use, everything matters. The good news is that the control is almost always in your hands. 

Common Hair Care Mistakes 

In order to promote healthy hair, it’s important to avoid simple mistakes. These are ten of the most common mistakes women make with their hair: 

·         Not Knowing Hair Type.   

Do you know what type of hair you have? Your entire hair care regimen stems from the knowledge of what type of hair you have. Is it dry, normal, or oily? Thick or thin? Curly or straight? These are all important factors to consider when caring for hair. From there, everything falls into place. You can then pick the appropriate brushes, conditioners, and shampoos.

·         Not Brushing Before Washing. This is a major no-no! Wet hair is weak and tangle-prone. This is double-trouble for your lovely locks. In order to avoid shower-induced catastrophes, brush your hair before washing. While washing your hair, use your fingers to gently untangle strands and avoid snarls. If your hair is particularly susceptible to tangles in the shower, look for a conditioner or shampoo that prevents tangles.

·         Washing Every Day. Your hair does not benefit from being washed every day. While we are not suggesting you avoid showering, we do advise you to limit how often you wash your hair. Daily washing strips your scalp of the oils it needs to nurture healthy hair. Try only rinsing your hair every other day, if possible.

·         Going Cheap. There are some things in life you can get away with buying cheap; hair products are not in this category. Depending on your hair’s texture and composition, you may need a product on the higher end of the price scale. You may wonder, do more expensive products work better? The answer is usually yes. When you compromise price, you are compromising quality. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a hair product based on price.

·         Too Much Towel-Drying. Women often complain that they don’t have enough time to dry their hair properly. Sound familiar? While this may be true, it’s definitely worth it to schedule a few extra minutes for drying. Because hair is weakest when it is wet, excessively vigorous towel-drying can actually damage your hair. Avoid the temptation to rub hair with a towel. Instead, gently blot with an absorbent towel and comb out tangles.

·         Constant Changing. We all know that person who is never content with what they have. Don’t be that person. When it comes to hair care products, choose something and stick with it for a while. Shampoos and conditioners can take months to fully work and the constant switching doesn’t allow for positive change. In fact, too much change can be unhealthy for your hair.

·         Too Many Chemicals. Have you ever looked at the ingredients on your bottle of shampoo or conditioner? Some hair products contain dozens of unnecessary chemicals and ingredients. Be careful with what you apply to your hair and pay attention to the fine print. If you feel like your shampoo contains excessive amounts of chemicals, consider diluting it with small amounts water.

·         Heat. It’s common understanding that heat is not good for hair. It damages cuticle cells, causes breakdown, and creates unnecessary friction. But if you’re like most people, you are not going to do away with blow-drying, flattening, and curling. If you consider these musts, consider heat-protective aids to defend against some of the damage. When sprayed onto hair, these aids allow hot air to work without causing friction.

·         Improper Conditioning. Conditioning is one of the most misunderstood topics in all of hair care. Most women don’t understand the basics like when to condition, how to condition, and how often to condition, which leads to negative side effects. For starters, you need to condition hair from the roots to the tips. This promotes healthy, strong hair all the way through. It’s also important to understand how often conditioning is required. While it can depend on your hair type, a general rule of thumb is to lightly condition throughout the week to untangle snags, while deep treating once a week.

·         Scalding Water. While a scalding-hot shower in the cold months may feel good, it is not healthy for your hair. Hot water will cause your hair to lose its moisture and become dry and frizzy. It is preferable to use warm or lukewarm water.

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