3 Glutathione Whitening Deodorant Roll-On
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3 Glutathione Whitening Deodorant Roll-On

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Effectively Whitens Dark Skin While protecting Against Perspiration and Odor
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3 Glutathione Whitening Roll-Ons

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- Each bottle is 1.5 fl oz (44ml)
- Naturally Whitens Dark Underarms
- Protects Against Perspiration and Odor
- Unique Botanically Based Formula
- Satisfaction Guaranteed, 14 Day Refund Policy

Provides 24 hour protection against odor, safe and gentle on delicate skin.

Noticeable whitening in 2 weeks with maximum results at 8 weeks.

Whitens and softens even on skin that has been irritated by frequent shaving or chemical deodorants.

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