6 Professional Strength Underarm Whitening Sets

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Effectively Whitens Hard to Treat Areas of Dark Skin In Underarms and Bikini Areas
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6 Professional Strength Underarm Whitening Sets

- Strongest Treatment for Dark Underarms & Bikini Areas
- Inhibits Malanin Formation and Speeds Breakdown of Melanin Crystals
- Unique Botanically Based Formula

Use with Glutathione Roll-On for maximum whitening. Use for 8 weeks then switch to weekly maintenance. 

Whitens and softens even on skin that has been irritated by frequent shaving or chemical deodorants.

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Products included in the set should not be started at the same time. Start one product at a time to ensure that your skin in not sensitive. If skin sensitivity occurs, reduce the amount of time product is left on skin. If skin sensitivity continues, discontinue use.