Acne is one of the most distressing skin conditions to deal with, it can be painful, make us self-conscious, and it can be confusing to find the best treatment for long term improvement. It is also more common than you think, almost 90% of Americans experience the condition at one point in their lives.

What causes acne?

Many factors can make someone breakout. What's so frustrating is that it is not always the same trigger. For me it is stress and sweat. But many people have food triggers or hormonal triggers. The truth is that the triggers are not the most important thing, acne won't happen if you don't have these key factors:

  • Comedones - pores of your skin become blocked with gunk including sebum(a sticky oil) and dead skin residue
  • Bacteria - blocked pores alone don't always become pimples but is bacteria into the sebaceous gland at the root of the blocked pores called the follicle, the bacteria can start to multiply and cause swelling
  • Inflammation - the worst types of pimples are accompanied by inflammation caused by our body's attempt to clear the infected follicle. This inflammation is the cause of acne scarring, pain, pressure, and PIH(Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation)

If you address the causes of acne, you will be more successful than by just trying to avoid the triggers!

Breakthrough Science

We know that diet is very connected to skin health and acne. But now, new studies prove that by supplementing certain key nutrients, the body naturally clears the acne causing blocked pores, bacteria, and inflammation.


Lactoferrin is a powerful nutrient found in mother's milk. It helps to protect against bacterial infection, possibly by preventing the growth of bacteria by depriving them of essential nutrients or by killing bacteria by destroying their cell walls. 2 new studies show that lactoferrin supplementation reduces acne breakouts by 38% in 8 weeks. It also clears comedones and fights infection in the follicle.(Kim J1, 2010)[1]

Borage Oil and Gamma Linolenic Acid

Many of us have a high percentage of saturated fats in our bodies due mostly to what we eat. Saturated fats cause our skin oils to be thick and very sticky. By supplementing the right kind of oils our skin becomes less greasy. New studies show that the benefits of certain special Omega 3 fatty acids are extremely powerful for fighting acne. Benefits include fewer blocked pores, fresher looking skin and up to 60% fewer acne breakouts!(Jae Yoon Jung, 2016)[2]

Vitamins A,C,E, B5 and B6, Niacinamide, Selenium, Zinc and Turmeric Extract

These nine ingredients will zap even the most painful and stubborn acne. They work together to dramatically reduce bacteria, blocked pores and inflammation. Our clients are getting the skin they always dreamed of without the risks of prescription drugs that can cause mental and physical health issues.

Relumins Dual Capsule For Clear Skin - Our Top Choice

There is nothing on the market like these amazing Dual Capsule Acne Treatment from Relumins.

  • All natural extracts and powerful botanicals fight the causes of acne
  • Drug free, and super safe
  • Helps prevent all types of acne scarring
  • 71% reduction in acne lesions

Relumins labs has introduced the most advanced oral acne treatment available. Combining 11 ingredients that are clinically proven to improve and clear acne, reduce thick skin sebum which blocks pores, and dramatically reduces inflammation which is the main cause of damage and scarring.

These 11 natural ingredients are safe and proven to work better than anything else available today. Studies linked below show dramatic and lasting improvement in all measures of skin health including total lesions, inflammatory lesions, comedones, oily skin.

Unlike prescription drugs like Accutane, a form of Isotretinoin there are no dangerous side effects to Relumins Professional Acne Treatment.


[1] Dietary effect of lactoferrin-enriched fermented milk on skin surface lipid and clinical improvement of acne vulgaris.

[2] Effect of Dietary Supplementation with Omega-3 Fatty Acid and Gamma-linolenic Acid on Acne Vulgaris: A Randomised, Doubleblind, Controlled Trial