Have you ever dreamt of having that perfect, glassy complexion like most Asians have? Is there a hidden secret to skincare that you don’t know about? 

No need to search for answers any more. The secret to beautiful Asian skin is rooted in a culture that emphasizes on healthy and natural living in every part of life, including diet, skincare, and beauty. Asians highly value natural ingredients and stay clear of harsh chemicals in skincare products, which is often different than what is seen in Western parts of the world. Our products are only as good as our ingredients, and our ingredients are amazing. Therefore, it’s not about searching for the perfect skincare product, it’s about what is inside the product that’ll benefit your skin.

Over the years, Asian skincare has become a global phenomenon and trendsetter. With naturally extracted ingredients from all around the world infused into formulas, our skincare products have been proven to deliver exceptional results to people dealing with aging, uneven skin tone, dehydration, acne, and other skin problems. These effective formulas, rooted in eastern medicine and centuries-old traditions, have been used as the “fountain of youth” recipe to achieving glowing, healthier-looking skin. Unlike Western products, our skincare products are very transparent and highlight the main key player ingredients directly on the packaging and in the product name itself. Whether it’s snail mucin, kojic acid, or hyaluronic acid, these main ingredients are carefully selected to target specific skin concerns in each product.

Thankfully, Asian skincare companies like “The SAEM” have created product lines that can be interchanged in your everyday skincare routine to help battle various skin concerns at the same time. Skincare goals are no longer limited to only one goal at a time. As someone who struggles with dehydrated, flaky skin, and uneven skin tone, I can confidently say that by incorporating “The SAEM’s” products in my skincare routine, they have drastically changed my skin exceeding my expectations by helping it stay hydrated and oil free during this hot and humid summer season.

So, what SAEM products have made the cut in my life? Well here is my skincare routine that I use morning and night to help achieve that radiant, milky clear complexion!


To start off, I first use an oil-based cleanser to effortlessly clean and gently break down oil-based makeup and impurities that have been built up on my skin. It might sound a bit intense to those struggling with oily skin, but by cleansing with an oil-based cleanser first, you don’t strip away your natural oils but instead leave the skin nourished and balanced. Following the oil cleanser, I follow up with a water-based cleanser, like the SAEM Snail Essential EX Deep Cleansing Foam. Using micro-sized bubble to deeply clean out clogged pores, the foam cleanser balances sebum levels and soothes my irritated skin.

The next step is my favorite step: toning! Toning not only helps to remove any leftover residue from the cleansers, but it also creates a moisture barrier on the skin to balance pH levels and soften skin. Toners have added active ingredients that tackle specific skin concerns such as aging, acne, dark spots, or hyperpigmentation. The SAEM Snail Essential EX Wrinkle Solution Toner is a phenomenal anti-aging toner, infused with snail secretion filtrate, hyaluronic acid, and natural berry extracts, that provides hydration, moisturization, and balance to my skin’s moisture barrier. On days where I feel as my skin needs an extra boost of hydration, I go for the SAEM Urban Eco Waratah Toner. It works as a dual-layer toner formulated with Waratah extract and ceramide capsules to lock in moisture and protect the skin from pollutants.

Most people haven’t heard of essence and I strongly believe they should be included in everyone’s skin routines! Containing active ingredients, essence products are known to be thinner than serums and feel a bit waterier, therefore penetrating the skin at a deeper level and helping other products to absorb better. There are many different varieties of essence that specifically address your skincare needs, so choose one that its ingredients suit you best. For example, I have been using the SAEM Snail Essential EX Wrinkle Solution Essence as my anti-aging essence. It soaks my dull, tired-looking skin with slimy snail mucin goodness and completely restores it from the inside out.

This is where the skin routine gets more personal. Emulsions, serums, and ampoules are formulated with powerful ingredients that target specific needs by skin type. I sometimes add or remove products that I see best benefit my complexion at the time. If I’m looking for an anti-aging formula, I reach for my the SAEM Urban Eco Waratah Ampoule, which layers my skin with a moisture barrier with the help of ceramide and revives the skin’s elasticity leaving it plumper and more youthful looking. Or if I can’t control my oiliness, then the SAEM Power Ampoule Pore Tightening is my go-to. Infused with mushroom extract and tannic acid, this ampoule balances sebum levels while gently cleansing and tightening enlarged pores.

Here we are on the last step of my routine. After all these layers of moisturization, I like to finish off with a thick layer of cream. Instead of letting products evaporate, the final layer of cream seals in all the products and helps to better absorb into the skin. Using a cream like the SAEM Urban Eco Waratah Cream every day ensures my skin is moisturized, balanced, and protected from everyday pollutants. If I am heading out for a long day in the sun, I add a cream that also has an added SPF in it. At night, I like to add a bit of the SAEM Snail Essential EX Wrinkle Solution Eye Cream, which with an active ingredient of snail mucin helps to hydrate and brightens under eyes while I am recovering from a long day. To me, there is no such thing as enough moisturization!


In addition to these products, I like to add exfoliators, eye patch gels, and sheet masks throughout the week to just give my skin that extra “oomph”. Providing my skin with enough hydration and skin nourishment is my main concern and that’s why I am a big fan of “The SAEM”. Ingredients naturally extracted from medical plants all around the world have brought this company onto the global scale in the skincare world. I highly recommend checking out their products on our website and finding the ones that best suit your skincare goals.