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Bring the Spa Home: New, trendy, noninvasive skin treatment, LED Light Therapy and its benefits on dull skin

Posted by Suzzy on 5/17/2019 to Skin Problems
Whether you’re going through puberty or you’re a big stress-er, breakouts are inevitable. We’ve all had them at least one point in our lives, and some of us, the unlucky ones, have had continuous breakouts no matter what we did. You can try any new cleaner, moisturizer, or even change your diet, sometimes acne just won’t go away. The quest for finding a miracle cure for acne can be time-consuming, costly, and even painful. So the question is, how do you prevent breakouts at home? If nothing seems to be helping, what is the solution to prevent acne from coming back?

The answer is LED Light Therapy.

 LED Light Therapy, or Light Emitting Diode therapy, has been around for years after being developed by NASA research for wound healing after surgery. Numerous studies have proven that light therapy benefits our bodies in different ways. It has been used in treating acne, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, wound healing, and relieving pain from arthritis. LED Light Therapy is a nonthermal treatment that uses a combination of light energies to deeply penetrate the skin stimulating your body’s natural cell process to activate the regeneration and repair of the skin. In the skincare world, LED light therapy has become something of a hero, a miracle worker, a savior. It’s recommended for skin rejuvenation, sun damage, wrinkles, acne, wound healing, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, dermatitis, and scars. It helps create results from the inside out. Skip the Botox treatments and chemical peels, LED light therapy emits infrared lights of different wavelengths, with each color having its own benefit, and doesn’t cause any pain or damage to the skin.

Red - increases the production of cellular energy, which is proven to combat aging, sun damage, acne, scarring, and creates smoother and younger looking skin.
Blue - eliminates acne-causing bacteria, reduces breakouts, and soothes inflammation of the skin.
Green - balances sebum, reduces blackheads and redness, and evens out skin tone. Purple - increases cell renewal and regeneration, reduces the appearance of scars, and stimulates lymphatic drainage.
Yellow - soothes redness that is caused by inflammation, sunburn, and rosacea.
Orange - works as a revitalizer and promotes the brightness of the skin adding glow back to a dull complexion.
Cyan - calms irritated skin such as sunburn and reduces swollen capillaries, while releasing stress.
White – treats acne, wounds, and wrinkles, while increasing nutrient absorption in the skin.

Not only is LED Light Therapy effective but it also safe for every skin type. With no needle necessary, it uses heat to penetrate deep into the skin, requiring no recovery time. The light doesn’t cause any burns or damage, because it doesn’t use any UV rays. It’s a painless treatment, and the colors can even be beneficial in feeling relaxed and relieving stress. Each light color, as mentioned above, has its own unique benefit, one penetrating further into the skin as the other and has different end results. Your skin is made up of different layers. The outermost layer is the epidermis and it’s known as the protective outer layer that helps keep the skin healthy by helping skin cell production and keeping your skin tone even. The thickest layer is next, the dermis. It helps with sweat production, blood flow to the skin, hair growth, and sebum production. The bottom layer of skin is the hypodermis, which helps regulate body temperature, stores fat, and guides blood vessels and nerve cells to the body.

Layers of Skin
With LED Light Therapy, you can penetrate deep into the dermis stimulating the collagen contract creating new collagen rich layers of the skin. It is recommended to be used consistently, whether it’s at a spa or at home. Spas offer LED treatments as an added benefit to a facial or massage. LED Light machines are stronger at spas, but results can be seen with home devices as well. At home devices use the same technology, some having more lights than others, to boost collagen production creating smoother skin and to kill bacteria that causes acne. Investing in a LED Light Therapy device at home will help you save money and make it easier for you to incorporate it into your daily facial routine. Daily use is recommended, especially when fighting acne. Acne-causing bacteria is constantly growing and by using the LED Light therapy daily, you prevent the growth of bacteria. Handheld device treatment times can range from 10-30 minutes, so you can sit back and relax.

Weill Medical College of Cornell University’s Department of Dermatology had done a study with 21 subjects (38% male, 62% female; age range: 14-21 years) to evaluate the efficacy of blue light and red light in handheld LED Array devices. Subjects were given 1 to 6 locations on their face to treat, which were randomly selected using a modification of the Global Acne Grading System. During the study, they were instructed to use nonmedicated soap. Each week, the subjects treated the areas with blue light, 20 min duration, and red light, 30 min duration, with 2-3-day intervals. There was a total of 8 treatments for 4 weeks. The study concluded that the use of handheld LED devices for the treatment of acne was successful with “68% reporting moderate to market improvement at final follow up”. 1 Even though treatment was administered for 4 weeks, acne was reducing to up to 8 weeks after treatment.

LEd Light Results

Previous studies have also reported similar results. LED Light Therapy devices at home offer inexpensive, gentle treatment with powerful results of clearer and smoother skin. It’s the best alternative to treat acne and aging without using drugs, chemicals, or surgery. With the new Relumins Multi-Function Facial Light Therapy Tool, you can bring the spa experience home for a lot less. This device uses 6 LED lights that work efficiently to activate skin cell, stimulate collagen, and soften wrinkles. It’s RF technology breaks through skin dullness making it firmer and looking more lifted. Treat yourself to a spa experience at home today and purchase a Relumins Multi-Function Facial Light Therapy Tool. Lighten up your life daily!

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