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Safely whiten & soften skin with deep cleansing
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12 Bars of Kojic Acid & Glutathione Dual Whitening Soap

Contents: 120g Bar

 Kojic Soap - is suitable for less sensitive skin. It's stronger than regular Glutathione soap but gives a similar result. If you experience peeling, this should last not more than a week. This soap is created by a cold process method to ensure that valuable nutrients are retained. Delicately scented, ideal for most skin types. Effective and safe. Achieve flawless, blemish free, whiter, smoother and younger looking skin in no time and feel the difference on your skin right on first use. Try it and see visible results in days!!! 

- Cleanse deeply embedded dirt
- Makes skin feels soft and smooth 
- Preps by exfoliating dead skin, following the use of skin lightening cream or lotion. 
- Helps lighten skin pigmentation such as  age spots, underarms, inner thighs & even private parts. 
- Continuous use will provide youthful glowing skin. 
- Amazingly quick results!