We all experience skin dryness occasionally, but some people tend to develop it more often than others. When this happens, it could be a sign that something in your lifestyle is contributing to it. If you’re tired of dealing with a red, rough, often irritated complexion, it’s crucial that you know how skin dryness begins. These are some of the common reasons your skin is dry and how you can eliminate them.

Your Environment Lacks Moisture

Believe it or not, your immediate environment causes most general skin dryness. If you live in an area that tends to be hot, dry, and desert-like, it can rob your skin of some of its hydration. When this happens, it not only dries out the skin itself but also leaves your skin cells fragile and susceptible to further damage. As a result, you start experiencing some itchiness and seeing the development of red patches. Should you find this is a major factor contributing to your dry skin, make sure you wear sun protection and keep your skin moisturized.

You’re Using the Wrong Cleanser

Using the wrong type of cleansers and body washes is also a common reason your skin might be dry. This is because cleansing products have varying levels of harshness, from gentle to deep-cleaning. Depending on which kind you use, your skin could be losing more of its natural moisture than you think. Because of this, make sure you’re reading the product labels and gaining an understanding of the product’s strength before you use it.

You’re Forgetting To Use a Moisturizer

People often forget to apply moisturizer as well. Since all cleansers will remove some amount of moisture, it’s crucial that you always follow up with a lotion if you want to maintain hydrated skin. Your skin won’t regain hydration on its own, so skipping this step can do a lot more damage than you might think.

Your Skin Is Naturally Dry

If none of these other factors seem to be the cause, you could just have naturally dry skin. When you have dry skin, your oil glands don’t produce as much sebum, the substance that maintains moisture. As such, it’s much harder for you to keep your skin properly hydrated. Since your skin loses moisture a lot more easily, you may need to adopt more advanced hydrating formulas into your routine.

At Flawless Beauty & Skin, we know skin dryness is a serious issue with which many people struggle. This is why we make sure to include moisturizing agents in nearly all our products. Whether it’s our anti-aging serums or our skin-whitening and brightening creams, each of our products contains hyaluronic acid as an active ingredient. This substance attracts and locks moisture into your skin so that excessive dryness can be a thing of the past.