Dalfour Beauty Whitening

Which Type of  Dalfour Beauty Whitening Cream is Best for You?

Women throughout the world love using Dalfour Gold Seal Beauty Whitening Creams. Some may be familiar with Dalfour France for their excellent gourmet jams, however the original Dalfour Whitening creams are produced in Kuwait. Dalfour Beauty creams have helped countless women gain healthier, clearer, whiter and brighter looking skin. There are several types of Dalfour Beauty Whitening creams, so we would like to help you decide which is best for your skin type and desired goals.

There are many skin creams and whitening creams available, and as such it can be hard to decide which is best for you. Below we have compiled the six leading skin whitening creams, and will explain their benefits and which type of skin is best to use them on. In order to keep our list uniform and make comparing easy for you, all skin whitening creams included are manufactured by Dalfour Beauty. All creams are effective at skin lightening, as well as treating acne scars, melasma and light spots.

1.  Pinkish – For dry skin that requires extra moisture. This cream is great for daily use, and is particularly helpful for light spots and small lines. Typically people over 40 see great benefits from Dalfour Beauty Pinkish cream. The oil content of the Dalfour Beauty Pinkish cream helps repair dry, damaged skin while moisturizing.

2. Red M – For well moisturized, healthy skin.  Healthy skin that requires whitening or lightening will benefit from Dalfour Beauty Red M, which helps with freckles and acne marks, leaving the skin feeling softer and looking clearer. Most Caucasian skin types should consider using Dalfour Beauty Red M. Weekly use of Dalfour Red M will protect against future freckles when applied weekly after initial daily applications.
3. Filipina – For Asian skin or skin with a higher oil content, the Dalfour Beauty Filipina cream is a wise choice. Dalfour Beauty Filipina has the same properties, as the Dalfour Beauty Red M cream, however for oily or Asian-type skins. It is protective and will leave your skin feeling softer and looking brighter. Dalfour Beauty Filipina cream will help prevent damage done by the sun and wind, while properly moisturizing the skin.
4.  Non-Oily Filipina– Similar to the Dalfour Beauty Filipina cream, however for skin that already has a high oil content. Dalfour Beauty Filipina cream is not a moisturizer, and is helpful for acne, blackheads and damaged skin. The Dalfour Beauty Non-Oily Filipina cream has a low oil content and will not block your pores.
5.  Steamed– For extra-sensitive skin. All of the oil in the Steamed cream is steamed out of this whitening cream and is not a moisturizer. The Dalfour Beauty Steamed cream is especially helpful for sensitive, oily skin and can help repair damage done by blackheads and acne. Apply consistently during acne breakouts for the best results.
6.  Excel – Dalfour Excel is the maximum strength Dalfour Beauty cream having double the whitening strength of the other creams available and is for skin that has already used whitening and brightening products. In addition to moisturizing, Dalfour Beauty Excel’s largest impact is in brightening, lightening and whitening your skin. 

Please be aware that all of the creams mentioned above must be used according to their instructions.  Usually the instructions call for daily applications at the beginning of use and then weekly applications once initial results are seen. Regardless of which cream is best suited for you, be sure to carefully follow the included instructions and monitor your skin closely.