If I told you that fish scales were great for you, and could help firm your skin and reduce wrinkles, would you scoop them up wolf them down? No, me neither. But what if I offered you a refreshing pineapple juice drink with the same incredible benefits? Now that’s a different matter, right? The good news is there is indeed a delicious, convenient and affordable way to get all those age-defying benefits (and more) without having to sprinkle fish scales on your Froot Loops. More on that later, but first, we should back up a bit, and explain what makes the bits of fish that normally end up in the trash such a potent (if unappetizing) weapon in the war on aging. 
Well, in a word – collagen. Fish scales and skin are absolutely packed with the stuff. And collagen, as anyone who has walked past a cosmetics counter or flicked through a lifestyle magazine will likely know, is something of a natural miracle when it comes to skin, bone and joint health. But while we’ve all heard of collagen, how many of us actually know what it is, or how it does what it does? 
Decoding collagen, the structural skin super-protein 
In (perhaps overly) simple terms, collagen is a naturally occurring protein, that acts as the building blocks of your skin, and provides structural support to everything from hair and nails to soft tissue and bones. In fact, collagen is the most commonplace protein in the body: if we’re talking just about the skin, 75 to 80 % of that is collagen. The things collagen for the skin does are astonishing - it’s not for nothing that collagen is sometimes called the “structural skin super-protein.” The long protein fibers help to strengthen the skin, making it firmer, more elastic and better hydrated. 
Collagen is also a bit like a paramedic for the skin, helping repair and heal wounds, and protecting it against the harmful effects of UV rays and harmful free radicals. But the benefits of collagen go way beyond just the skin. It helps strengthen and protect hair and nails, promote bone density and strength, and reduce joint pain. It’s been found to play a role in boosting metabolism, stabilizing blood sugar, and reducing cholesterol. It even has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. What makes collagen so potent is the fact that it contains a uniquely powerful combination of three vital amino acids, glycine (which promotes lean muscle mass, and acts as both an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant), proline (an anti-oxidant that helps to boost the body’s natural collagen production), and hydroxyproline (a special amino acid made from proline and lysine). These amino acids ‘feed’ the cells that produce more collagen (the brilliantly-named “fibroblasts”). In effect, the more collagen the body has, the more it is able to produce and maintain. 
If collagen is naturally occurring, why do we need to supplement it? 
Well, in one of those cruel jokes that nature sometimes plays on us, from about our mid-twenties onwards, our bodies start producing less collagen, and once we reach 40 the degradation of the collagen structures in our skin gathers pace. Add to that environmental and chemical stresses, health conditions or other factors that further reduce the body’s ability to regenerate and what’s the result? Dry, loose and tired-looking skin. Blemishes. And yes, the dreaded wrinkles. When you consume collagen, your digestive system breaks it down into those vital amino acids, which permeate the bloodstream and travel throughout your body, working from the inside out to maintain and boost collagen levels and help slow the aging of your skin, joints and bones. So unlike, say topical skin creams, you get a “full-body” collagen boost. 
How to go about getting your dietary collagen boost 
Dietary collagen typically comes from one of four sources: beef, pork, chicken or fish. One of the problems though, is that the collagen-rich parts of these animals tend to be those your butcher might call “less popular cuts”, but which the rest of us call “the bits of the animal you don’t really want to eat” – beef bones, fish scales, chicken feet, you get the idea. And that’s one of the reasons why people are turning to supplements, which also have the added advantage of enabling the collagen to be hydrolyzed, that is broken down into its smallest components (also known as collagen peptides) to make it more easily absorbed by the body. 
Not all collagens are equal  
But whether in their ‘animal’ form, or processed into a supplement, it’s important to remember that – when it comes to your skin – not all collagens sources are as good as each other. The majority of collagen derived from beef, chicken, or pork, for example, is Type II collagen. This can be beneficial for your joints, but isn’t the form of collagen that will revitalize your skin. For that, you need Type I and III collagen. And for that, you need fish (a.k.a. marine) collagen, which provides 8 of the 9 essential amino acids, but is particularly rich in glycine and proline. What’s more, the uniquely small particle size and low molecular weight of marine collagen means that it (along with the amino acids it contains) is more easily absorbed into the bloodstream than for other collagen types – up to 1½ times as efficiently in fact. It’s like Amazon Prime delivery for amino acids! But just as not all collagen sources are equal, not all marine collagen supplements are either. And given the bewildering array of similar looking products on the market today, you’ll want to know you’re getting the best. For us, Relumins Premium Collagen Blend is that gold standard. Fundamentally, that’s because of the quality of the collagen you are getting: 100% Premium-Grade ActuMarine Collagen, a low molecular weight marine collagen peptide derived from fish scales using patented methods that make it highly absorbable. That would probably be enough in itself, but why we really love Relumins Premium Collagen Blend is because Relumins has, in essence, “improved their collagen”.
Choices, choices… Making sure you get the best marine collagen supplement 

Relumins has taken all the benefits of high-grade marine collagen and kicked it up a notch, adding a range of advanced active ingredients to help fight signs of aging, reduce wrinkles and leave your skin smoother and lighter: - antioxidants like green tea and L-glutathione that have been proven to protect and lighten the skin; - vitamin C and CoQ10 to stimulate natural collagen production; - glucosamine to promote joint health and act as an anti-inflammatory; - hyaluronic acid to keep the skin hydrated, improves its barrier function, and protect your joints; - And so much more… Best of all, though, Relumins has combined their collagen with natural fruit juice to create a delicious pineapple and blueberry flavored drinks. There’s even a vanilla flavor too. And it couldn’t be easier to prepare - just pour a sachet into a glass of water, give it a quick stir and you’re all set. So throw the homemade fish scale yogurt away, safe in the knowledge that don’t have to ruin your dinner to get great looking skin.

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