Hi Beauties, 
One of the most common questions that I get is about skin whitening with glutathione, especially for Dark skin types like African or Indian. I would like to share this short e-mail from our client in France:

Good morning, I am a black person who live in France and I would like to undergo a full body whitening treatment. I learned a lot of informations about Gluthation and i think that it can help me. Indeed, I would like to get a lighter skin complexion. What kind of your products should i get if i want to be SAFELY more lighter ? There are so Many products and i don't know which one to choose ! How Many Times a week must I do these injections ? Is it in IV or IM ? Can i do the vials by myself ? When could I see a real result ? Best regards Segolene 

Dear Segolene
How are you? It is nice to hear from you.
We do have excellent products for whitening African skin. 
There are some things you should know, it is safe and it is effective for most people but it is not permanent and it takes months to get good results.
Glutathione inhibits the body's production of glutathione, gradually leading to fairer skin. It is a natural supplement and has many positive effects on health in addition to the skin benefits. It works best when done for an extended period and is dose dependent. Also it works best when used with topical whitening soap and lotion.
Glutathione should be administered daily by oral method or every 3 to 4 days by IV or IM. It can also be done sublingually if you don't have a nurse/doctor to administer the injection.
I hope this is helpful.

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