Hollywood Style Whitening Night Cream
Hollywood Style Whitening Night Cream

Hollywood Style Whitening Night Cream

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Brightens & Rejuvenates to Bring Out Your Inner Glow
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Benefits of Hollywood Style Whitening Night Cream 

- 150ml
- Triple-strength whitening creams
- Lightens skin while you sleep
- Absorbs quickly and leaves no sticky residue
- Contains a specialized blend of whitening actives, natural lighteners, vitamins that will uncover your beautiful and fair complexion
- Eliminates dark and uneven pigmentation, equalize skin tones, and brighten complexion

An extra-strong brightening moisturizer that nourishes skin while you sleep and helps diminish the appearance of visible spots, dullness, and discolorations. It will leave your complexion smooth, soft and evenly luminous. This cream is formulated with natural whitening actives derived from fruits, herbs and plants to improve moisture balance, help even out skin tones and improve texture. Because of the strength of this formula we recommend it only be used at night.

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