If you’ve ever done any research into the top skin care products, you’ve probably encountered the term “retinol” before. One of the oldest ingredients used in the skin care industry, retinol is a substance that’s directly derived from vitamin A molecules. Vitamin A itself, found in food, is known to have a wide range of benefits for your skin as well as your overall health. As such, it’s only natural that retinol—the form of vitamin A found in skin serums—would have positive effects as well. This is how retinol can affect your skin and why it works so well.

Smooths Out and Brightens Complexion

Retinol primarily works by microscopically exfoliating your skin, turning over dead skin cells, and removing them from your face. This reveals the youthful cells underneath and leaves you with a brighter complexion. These substances also work with your healthy cells to increase their revitalization rate, which significantly reduces the number of cells dying and clogging your pores. With less debris to clog pores, your skin naturally obtains a smoother appearance as well.

Prevents Future Fine Lines and Wrinkles

The turnover process that vitamin A promotes also prevents the development of wrinkles in the future. Because of how fast your cells are now being revitalized, your pores are staying clear, and less debris is collecting in the fine creases along your face. This keeps them from setting and later turning into noticeable wrinkles.

Fades the Appearance of Hyperpigmentation

Since your dead skin cells shed much more frequently when you use retinol, you may notice your dark spots fading. As the old, melanin-saturated cells are removed from your face, the undamaged cells underneath rise up to take their place. These new cells have yet to begin overproducing melanin, so they’re closer to your natural skin tone than the last layer was. With the continual use of retinol, these hyperpigmented areas will eventually appear closer to your natural skin tone, and your blemishes will disappear.

Reduces Natural Skin Oiliness

Retinol also affects your skin by absorbing excess oil that can potentially clog your pores. The absorption of extra oil on your face can greatly reduce the likelihood of breakouts. Fewer breakouts mean fewer instances where your skin needs to heal itself. As such, there’s a reduced chance of your dark spots, wrinkles, or scars coming back.

At Flawless Beauty & Skin, retinol is a dominant ingredient in many of the products we sell. Whether it’s our line of skin-whitening soaps or acne treatments, certain brands use this ingredient to promote general skin health. This way, you get not only the effects of the treatment, but also the glow and smoothness that only vitamin A can achieve.