Though many use their skincare routine to hone in on specific blemishes, it’s important to also spend this time looking after overall skin health. Otherwise, your complexion might not have the necessary groundwork to sustain a clear, youthful appearance. One vital thing to focus on in your daily life is how you moisturize. Hydration is key to keeping your skin cells strong and durable enough to heal from damage. So, understanding how to best moisturize your skin is the first crucial step toward a more vibrant look.

Take Shorter Showers and Limit Soap Usage

The road to proper skin hydration always begins with changing up your bathing habits. The excessive heat from long, hot showers draws out whatever moisture your cells have, and large amounts of soap rob them of their essential oils. So, when combined, it can lead to severe skin dryness that only worsens with each day. This is why it’s recommended that you try adopting a routine where you take slightly shorter showers and you use smaller amounts of soap when needed.

Always Apply a Moisturizer After Washing

One of the best ways to moisturize your skin involves applying a quality product after each time you wash your face. As previously explored, soaps and cleansers are major contributors to overall skin dryness. For this reason, it’s important that you follow up that action by using a trusted moisturizer. These lotions are specially formulated to attract moisture and seal it into your cells, which makes it crucial to helping your skin maintain a healthy level of hydration. Just make sure you find a product best suited for your specific skin type.

Use the Right Skin Treatment Products

You should keep skin hydration in mind when going to treat certain blemishes. Even though you’re applying a moisturizer, your skin can still be dried out by some ingredients present in acne or hyperpigmentation serums, such as salicylic acid. So, it’s often in your best interest to either avoid some of these substances or limit using them on your face if you know you have dryer skin. Fortunately, some products, such as anti-aging lotions, already have hydrating agents mixed in. As such, it’s all a matter of finding the right balance for your complexion.

Wear Sunscreen Outside of the Home

Most importantly, remember to wear sunscreen whenever you’re planning on leaving the house. Sun damage also causes a severe decrease in skin moisture, which leads to additional skin problems in the future. Because of this, the proper amount of protection is essential to keeping your cells unaffected and maintaining their hold on water molecules.