Under-eye creams are one of the most important components of an ongoing skin treatment regimen. Not only do they directly fight our most dreaded types of blemishes, but they can also work on multiple different kinds of skin. Still, when it comes to actually choosing these products for yourself, you can start to feel lost in an endless sea of options. Here is how to choose the best under-eye cream for you and maximize the effects it will have.

Know What You’re Looking To Treat

Whenever someone is looking to purchase under-eye creams or anti-aging lotions, it’s often because they want to rid themselves of the fine lines that collect in this area. However, there are other reasons to use an under-eye cream that can change which product you should buy. For instance, you may also want to use one of these mixtures to treat dark circles or puffiness—which requires a different set of ingredients. Make sure that you know what you’re trying to treat before you make the commitment.

Decide When You’ll Be Using the Cream

The time of day you’re going to be using the cream can also determine whether it’ll be the most helpful. As a general rule, morning eye creams should protect this sensitive skin from the damage it could sustain throughout the day. Nighttime eye creams, on the other hand, should work to hydrate and rejuvenate this skin to ease the appearance of blemishes. The one you ultimately go with should meet the needs of that specific regimen to amplify how well it works long-term.

Consider Your Skin Type

When choosing the best under-eye cream for your beauty routine, make sure you’re thinking about your skin type as well. Certain ingredients can have drying effects or even make your skin feel oily—neither of which is good for its overall health. It’s important to know what type of skin you have so that you can more accurately identify which ingredients would have an adverse effect. For example, those with dry skin might need a product that includes a thicker moisturizer.

Look for Clinically Proven Ingredients

Most importantly, you want to ensure that you’re buying a product that has the highest chance of success. Check the list of ingredients on the package and noting whether the most effective materials are there. Otherwise, you’re taking the risk that it may not work as well as you want. A few of these crucial components include retinol, vitamin A, green tea extract, and vitamin C. Each of these substances has proven effective against the appearance of under-eye blemishes. As such, they’re your best options when looking for results.