Proper skin moisturization is the key to maintaining your skin’s overall health. However, using the wrong product on your complexion can actually make your skin issues worse instead of better. Take the time to find a formula that works with your specific needs. Read on to learn how to choose the right moisturizer for your skin and some important factors to consider during your search.

Understand Your Skin Type

Skin comes in a variety of different types and, therefore, behaves in various ways. It’s for this reason that some products might work well on a friend but not nearly as effective on you. If you’re going to set out to find the best moisturizer for your specific skin, you first need to know what your skin’s basic needs are. Those with oilier complexions typically benefit from lighter, oil-free mixtures since their pores are more prone to clogging. On the other hand, individuals with dry skin may need something richer to ensure all cells receive hydration.

Read Product Labels

The next step to choosing the right moisturizer for your skin is to take a closer look at the different product labels on the store shelves. Law requires that all skincare products have their active ingredients printed in a legible format. This list allows you to determine what exactly you’d be putting on your skin and whether it’s safe to do so. Make sure you’re aware of any substances that you could be allergic to, as well as those that have worked on your skin in the past. Some particularly effective moisturizer ingredients include hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and shea butter.

Include an SPF

Another helpful tip is to look for a moisturizing formula that includes a certain amount of sun protection. Since you’ll be out and about during the day, finding a product that also blocks UV rays will be the key to preventing skin damage. It will also allow you to apply both products at once, saving you a bit of time getting ready in the morning. Remember, though, that your nighttime moisturizer should have retinol instead of sunscreen to infuse your skin with nutrients.

Moisturizers are one of the most fundamental components of a successful skincare routine. As such, we at Flawless Beauty and Skin have created formulas that are sure to provide your skin with everything it needs. From our basic treatments to our natural skin-brightening creams, all of our products keep hydration in mind. This means that they contain larger quantities of hyaluronic acid and can attract and absorb moisture while treating your blemishes.