Dark circles are very common types of blemish that anyone can develop, depending on their habits and lifestyle. Some people acquire these pigmented rings along their lower eyelids as a result of genetics and age, but dark circles most often occur when a person experiences fatigue, eye strain, or allergies. This can make them appear older and even trigger some of the first signs of premature aging. To protect your skin from the repercussions of this condition, take a minute to learn how to make your dark circles disappear.

Use a Cold Compress

When you fail to get a sufficient amount of sleep, the small blood vessels under your eyes can begin to dilate and swell from the strain. This creates the appearance of puffiness and shadows along your lower eyelids. Lightly applying a cold towel or compress to this area can reduce some of this swelling and return your skin to its previous appearance. If you’re struggling with particularly persistent dark circles, holding a cold washcloth over your eyes for 20 minutes is a great place to start.

Get More Sleep Each Night

You can also make your dark circles disappear by getting more sleep. As we mentioned, your eyes endure a lot of strain during the waking hours, and failing to get enough sleep can only make this irritation worse. To get rid of your undereye bags and tired-looking rings, try to get a bit more rest each night. Resting gives your eyes a chance to heal from the stress of the day and reduces the inflammation caused by the strain. This naturally returns your skin to its usual tone and keeps blemishes from becoming more apparent.

Apply Hyperpigmentation Products

If you still find yourself struggling with your dark circles, you could also try applying skin-whitening lotions or hyperpigmentation treatment creams to the area. Sometimes, your skin can start overproducing melanin as a response to blood vessel swelling, which leaves that section looking much darker than the flesh around it. Certain products work to combat the melanin generation process and to slowly return your skin to its original appearance. Just be sure you discuss these products with your dermatologist to find the product that’s right for you.