Spring is on the horizon, and just like the weather, your skin is likely to go through a few changes. From an increased risk of acne to sun exposure, there are plenty of things to be on guard against these next few months—especially if you want to maintain your skin’s health. But don’t worry; we’re here to provide you with all the tips you could need to move through this transition effectively. Here is how to prepare your skin for the spring and mitigate stress on your cells during this time.

Make Exfoliating a Priority

Firstly, stay on top of exfoliating as we transition out of winter. Though the air isn’t as dry as it once was, exfoliating will still help remove any excess debris that can clog your pores. This step will be particularly beneficial should your skin start to feel oilier or you start spending more time outdoors. Continuing to do this, at least through the spring, will significantly benefit your skin’s health as a whole and decrease the chances of acne breakouts.

Start Using a Different Moisturizer

You should also take the step of switching to a different type of moisturizing product. During the winter, a heavier lotion or cream works better to ensure that you’re giving your skin as much hydration as possible. However, in the spring, this isn’t always necessary. In fact, if you tend to have oily skin, it can be too much, so you should adopt something lighter in your routine to keep your pores clear.

Infuse Your Skin With Vitamins

Another effective way to prepare your skin for the spring is to clean up your diet. As your cells prepare for the change in your environment, they need all the vitamins they can get to stay healthy and fight off damage. Some essential nutrients to remember are vitamin C, vitamin A, omega-3 fatty acids, and proteins. You can find each of these ingredients naturally in fruits, vegetables, lean meat, and fish.

Protect, Protect, Protect

Then, last but certainly not least, make sure you’re always wearing sunscreen. Now that the sun has finally started to emerge from behind the clouds, you’re at a higher risk of skin damage every time you step outside your home. As such, if you wore sunscreen throughout the winter, it’s best to increase the amount you’re applying to ensure adequate protection. You should also reapply these products every few hours for maximum effect.

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