Though we all love the summer and the fun in the sun it brings into our lives, we don’t often enjoy what it can do to our skin. With extra exposure to the elements, the sun, and the heat, your skin is more likely to sustain damage and produce additional oils to combat these conditions. However, all this ends up doing is leaving our skin looking and feeling oily. It may even spur a few breakouts. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to limit your risk of this occurring. Read on to understand how to prevent oily skin in the summer and maintain a beautiful complexion despite the heat.

Change Your Cleansing Formula

Every successful skincare routine starts with a quality cleanser, and while your current one might work most of the time, it could be hurting you in the summer. Not all cleansing products can dissolve oil as effectively as others. As such, you could still have enough oil to clog your pores after a thorough wash. Because of this, we recommend that you switch to a cleansing product containing salicylic acid during these months. This ingredient will help break up that oil and keep your pores clear.

Exfoliate Regularly

Experts also encourage that you continue to exfoliate regularly. Exfoliation is vital to clearing out dead skin and other debris from your pores, and it can remove some solidified oil as well. For this reason, it can go a long way in maintaining balanced skin regardless of the conditions you expose yourself to. Remember that over-exfoliating can dry out the skin and potentially make your skin worse, though. So, it’s important that you only do it about once a week.

Use a Mild Toner

Another thing you can do to prevent oily skin in the summer is to incorporate a mild toning product into your routine. Toners have special formulas to neutralize any substances that keep old and dull skin cells stuck to your face. This is how they reveal the beautiful, glowing complexion underneath. As such, it could be in your best interest to use one to help manage some of the extra oil you’re experiencing.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Above all, make sure you keep your skin sufficiently hydrated with a moisturizer. When skin becomes dry, it often starts producing additional oils to compensate for the lack of moisture. This is the most common reason why individuals experience oily skin in the summer. Therefore, you should never skip this step of your routine.

Summer is notoriously harsh on the skin. This is why we at Flawless Beauty and Skin are always working to make products that counteract its effects. We’re especially focused on developing formulas that work to reduce the appearance of dark spots and even out the tone of your complexion. We make our natural skin lightening products with glutathione—a substance that slows down your skin’s tanning process. With this, hyperpigmentation from the summer sun can become a thing of the past.