When you develop a regular skin care routine, it becomes something you perform with very little effort or additional thought. This is what makes it easier to stick to this schedule and experience more skin improvement as a result. However, these regimens can become so engraved in your daily life that you may rarely consider whether you need to change something—or whether you’re even using your products correctly. This is how to properly apply your skin care products and why this detail is so important.

Cleanser or Face Wash

The first step to any successful skin care routine is a solid cleanser or face wash. This step removes any dirt, oil, and bacteria from the surface of your skin and leaves it ready for the following steps. When you’re using this product, the best way to get a thorough clean is by wetting your face and massaging in circular motions.


Next, you should move on to your exfoliant. This product uses slightly more abrasive materials to buff away any remaining dirt, dead skin cells, and grime that the cleanser didn’t catch. Once again, gently massage the product into your skin for the most optimal effect. Keep in mind that massaging too hard with exfoliants can irritate your skin, so you may want to discontinue use if you experience sensitivity.


When your face is fully clean of toxins, take an extra step to prevent irritation or inflammation with toner. Toners soothe dry and sensitive skin after potentially harsh cleanings and fully prepare it for more focused treatments and serums. Because toners are liquid products, you may only need to rub a few drops evenly across your face.


Then, serums can begin their work of infusing your skin with hydration and essential nutrients. This greatly enhances the overall health of your skin in just a few minutes and provides it with extra resistance to the environment and overall durability. Unlike other skin care products, you should apply serum by gently patting it in with your fingertips and smoothing it out. This allows it to absorb into your skin on its own and have a more natural effect.

Eye Creams

After this, properly applying your skin care products is a matter of focusing certain formulas to specific areas of the face. Eye creams, for instance, are made to directly treat undereye wrinkles and fine lines. As such, you should very gently rub them into the fragile skin around your eyes with your fingertips. Take extra care not to rub too hard or pull at this area.

Spot Treatments

A similar rule is true for spot treatments such as acne or skin whitening products. Since you’ll rarely need to use them on your entire face, it’s recommended that you only use concentrated amounts in particularly blemished areas. Make sure that you don’t apply these products on broken skin and that you rub them in thoroughly to maximize their effects.

Moisturizer or Sunscreen

Lastly, you need to ensure your skin is moisturized and protected from the sun. Massage lotion into your face starting at the forehead, around to your cheeks, over the bridge of your nose, and then down to your chin. This motion offers full coverage, and it’s the best method for equally distributing the product across your face. Apply lotion-based sunscreen in the same way.