There are plenty of ways to unwind after a long day, but a home spa day is one of the most rejuvenating. From kicking back in a steaming bath to enjoying some of your favorite treats, it goes to show that you don’t have to go out to make the most of this time. However, if you’re going to gift yourself a spa-like experience, it’s vital that you first prepare for it. This is how to set up a luxurious spa day at home and what you need to ensure it’s the most relaxing one yet.

Set Your Intent for the Day

Before doing anything else for your spa day, you must take some time to plan how you want to use that time. There are a lot of activities that you could include in your spa day, and narrowing down the ones you want to focus on the most is the key to using these few hours effectively. Maybe you want to prioritize your skin care, or you might want to do things that ease your mind. Either way, deciding this now will save you time when it counts.

Gather the Essentials

Then, start collecting the items you’ll need for this relaxing evening at home. This should include any snacks or drinks you want to have on hand and the supplies you’ll use throughout. Bath salts, body scrubs, dry brushes, and massage rollers are all great products to keep nearby during your home pampering session.

Heat up Some Towels

Once you have everything you need, the next step to setting up a luxurious spa day at home is to start heating up some towels. Hot towels are a trademark of professional spas for a reason: the steam they produce helps open your pores and let your skin-care products work to their fullest potential. So, we recommend soaking a few of them in warm water for a few hours before your spa day begins.

Surround Yourself With Beauty Treatments

Most importantly, though, you’ll want to arrange all your skin-care products so that they’re within reach. Pampering your skin is the most important part of a successful spa day, as it leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to put your best face forward. As such, keeping them accessible during this time will ensure that you can use them to their fullest potential and that you never need to put things on hold to look for the right formula.

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