You might not like to think about it, but you’re aging every day—and it’s only a matter of time before it begins to show. But aging itself isn’t something you should fear. In fact, by noticing the signs of premature aging early and treating them, you can stave off its visible effects a little longer. This is how to tell if you have aging skin and how you can mitigate these symptoms before it’s too late.

You’re Developing Age Spots

Every time you go out into the sun without the proper protection, you’re causing damage to the deeper layers of your skin. Age spots are a result of this damage that has accumulated over the years. Eventually, your cells begin producing more melanin, or pigment, and it begins showing on the surface of your skin. Fortunately, you can even out these flat, darker patches with certain lightening treatments. You can also prevent them in the future by using sunscreen.

Your Skin Is Thinner and More Fragile

You can also tell if you have aging skin by how it looks and feels. In addition to causing hyperpigmentation, sun damage has also been linked to the breakdown of the skin’s layers of collagen—the substance that keeps it looking youthful. As the collagen disappears, so does the plumpness of the skin’s surface. This leaves certain areas looking thinner than they once did and makes it easier for your skin to become injured. For thinning skin, use products that revive some of that collagen, such as retinol serums or supplements.

Your Skin Is More Susceptible to Dryness

When your skin is thinner, it’s much easier for it to dry out and cause you discomfort as well. Excessive dryness means your cells are no longer retaining moisture properly. This hinders the overall health of your skin, making it appear weak and tired. Should you notice your skin has become drier, it’s time for you to adopt a stronger moisturizing regimen.

You’re Forming Fine Lines and Wrinkles

There’s little room for doubt once you start noticing fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes. The skin around our eyes is already lacking in collagen, and it’s therefore thinner than in other sections of the face. As such, this is the first place where blemishes often form and start reducing our complexions’ natural glow. Fight back with a strong anti-aging skin cream. These products rejuvenate the area around your eyes and reverse wrinkles before they can set in.