If you’ve ever noticed tiny bumps or dry, rough patches developing on your upper arms or thighs, this is most likely a condition known as keratosis pilaris. Resembling sandpaper in appearance and worsening in the dryer seasons, these blemishes are very common and painless—though not very pleasant to look at. In fact, it’s so mundane that it can neither be fully cured nor prevented. Fortunately, you can still learn how to treat keratosis pilaris and mitigate this rash’s unsightly look.

Keep Your Skin Moisturized

This condition develops as a result of declining humidity levels in the environment around you. When the humidity lowers, your skin dries out much more quickly, and these rough patches and bumps begin to develop. As such, it only makes sense that keeping your skin hydrated would lessen these symptoms and smooth your skin back out. For the best results, always apply a moisturizer after showering and periodically throughout the day if it’s dry outside.

Use Gentle Exfoliants

You can also effectively remove keratosis pilaris patches by using exfoliants. These products are made to brush away dead skin cells to reveal the smoother skin underneath. They can significantly reduce the appearance of these spots and make them heal more quickly. Because this condition isn’t painful, you shouldn’t experience any discomfort when using exfoliants two to three times a week. Just be sure that you’re gentle when applying them and that you discontinue their use immediately should you do begin to feel any pain.

Avoid Habits That Irritate Your Skin

When treating your keratosis pilaris, it’s also beneficial to avoid any habits that you know will dry out your skin. This could include taking hot or long showers, not drinking enough water, and wearing tight-fitting or scratchy clothing. Any of these things can zap essential moisture from your skin and leave it susceptible to mild irritation. If you want to see improvement in your condition, it’s best to practice a few lifestyle changes.

Apply Prescribed Medicated Creams

If the problem persists, you can also use certain medicated lotions or creams as prescribed by your dermatologist. These products often contain ingredients known to dissolve dead skin cells and other debris—such as salicylic acid or retinoid creams. Be aware, though, that these substances can dry out your skin as well. For this reason, you’ll need to still work to keep your skin moisturized while using these medications.

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