Looking younger doesn’t have to be a mystery or something that you see in others but not in yourself. You too can have younger looking, more beautiful skin that lasts for a lifetime, but you need to start now! Anti-aging is a process that combines the right products for your skin type with the right lifestyle for your skin’s health.

The first step is understanding your skin a little bit more. Some anti-aging products are specific to different skin types: oily, dry, sensitive, etc. Determining the type of skin you have is essential to choosing the right products for your skin, and that definitely applies to anti-aging products. Along with the right products for the right skin-type, don’t forget that a proper, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle will go a long way to healthier, more beautiful skin and a healthier body.

Regardless of skin type, the best anti-aging products will have high concentrations of  glutathione, placenta and grape seed oil. They are are the very core of the finest anti-aging products available and they must be in any products you plan on using for long-term anti-aging.

Glutathione has been referred to as and “Anti-Aging Machine” by a writer for the Washington Times. It’s one of the most powerful super anti-oxidants in our bodies. The reason glutathione works so well is because it serves as the first line of defense against the “free radicals” that damage and destroy our cells. Our body produces glutathione but as we age, those production levels decrease. We actually see those results in increased aging effects on our skin. Glutathione lessens that aging effect on the skin, leaving it looking younger and more beautiful.

Placenta was used by Cleopatra thousands of years ago and remains today a fundamental element in luxurious, natural skin care products. Placenta regenerates and nourishes cells, so you can imagine the positive effect this has on the skin! Placenta powerful stem cells assists your body’s natural ability to regenerate skin and leaves the skin healthier and therefore, better looking. Your skin’s appearance is very much an indicator of its overall health.

Grape seed oil is another vital ingredient found in the best anti-aging products. It gives your cells a good dose of antioxidants and leaves the skin supple, smooth and sexy. Grape seed oil can also greatly improve your skin tone, evening and brightening it. It’s also very effective in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, two things that are always associated with aging skin.

As you can see,there are a few common themes when it comes to anti-aging skin care that lasts a lifetime: antioxidants, healthy living, skin regeneration and nourishment. Like four corners, they serve as a base upon which to build beautiful, vibrant skin. As always, I welcome your comments and questions on anti-aging, skin care and flawless beauty!