I get more questions about Whitening for those with Acne than any other subject, so I am reprinting a question from Cora with my response:

Hi, I have been searching for nearly months trying to find an honest seller with authentic items. I've seen generic and name brand products but I don't know which to get. I know I want a whitening soap and also the cream as I heard that you get faster results with pairing the soap and cream.

I am not trying to go shades lighter, I am just trying to clear up my mild acne and completely lighten acne scars(hyperpigmenttion) and have glowing even skin tone. I read that Papaya Kojic Acid was really good at exfoliating but the black soap was better at lightening hyperpigmentation.

I know nothing works overnight but what products will give me the fastest results possible? I am just trying to get rid of hyperpigmentation, not tying to go 4-5 shades lighter in skintone. thanks

Hi Cora

I speak to clients about this problem all the time. The problem is that even mild acne will recur and you can end up having new scars(actually hyper-pigmented areas) to deal with. So I always consider making skin as acne free as possible the first priority.

If that makes sense to you, we have an acne kit that is wonderful, it whitens, and reduces inflammation while treating the root causes of the acne. The only thing to keep in mind is that the lemon soap is not whitening. I can give you a small kojic acid soap to use every other day alternating with the lemon soap, that should be a good regimen.

Just to talk about whitening in general, the most effective products in descending order are: Soap(Kojic, Glutathione), Cream, lotion. So it ALWAYS starts with the soap.


By the way, thanks to my husband who helps me write longer posts because I'm still a little slow writing in English :)