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MySlim Yerba Mate Fat Burner Drink - 12 Sachets of Premium Weight Loss Drink - Strawberry Flavor
MySlim Yerba Mate Fat Burner Drink - 12 Sachets of Premium Weight Loss Drink - Strawberry Flavor

MySlim Yerba Mate Fat Burner Drink - 12 Sachets of Premium Weight Loss Drink - Strawberry Flavor

Top of the Line Fat Burning Ingredients for Optimal Weight Loss in a Convenient Drink
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Benefits of MySlim Yerba Mate Fat Burner Drink - 12 Sachets of Premium Weight Loss Drink - Strawberry Flavor

Do you want to boost your metabolism, reduce your appetite and burn away fat? From the makers of the SNOW line of skin care products comes MySlim, a high end blend of proven weight loss ingredients.

  • Top of the line, clinically proven weight loss stack with Yerba Mate and L Carnitine
  • Boosts metabolism, increasing caloric burn rate and converting fats into energy
  • Increases energy and energy expenditure which improves physical performance and results
  • Sweeted with Palatinose, a low glycemic, functional carbohydrate from Germany that provides sustained energy throughout the day
  • Stimulates mental focus and clarity
  • Contains High-End Active Ingredients:
    • Finomate EFLA920+ (Yerba Mate)
    • Carnipure (L-Carnitine)
    • Palatinose (Isomalt)

Cutting Edge Formula mySlim gives you twice the fat burning power with Yerba Mate and high grade L-Carnitine in a refreshing sugar free drink made with Palatinose - top quality ingredients and top quality results!

Proven Effective Ingredients - This drug free formula features clinically proven ingredients from only the most reputable manufacturers. Each ingredient has been independently studied and has gained worldwide reputation for effectiveness

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