Which Product is Better for Whitening: Tatiomax Or Mosbeau? 

 We got another great question from one of our clients. Raquel asks... “Which is better to use between Tatiomax and Mosbeau?”

 In response to Raquel’s question:

 The Tatiomax has the highest dosage of Glutathione of any product on the market. It also contains Lipoic Acid which naturally raises your body's endogenous production of Glutathione. The Mosbeau has the most advanced whitening formula on the market with multiple ingredients to benefit skin health and reduce pigmentation. If you have never tried oral glutathione before you should try the Tatiomax first, and if you want more results after using Glutathione you would definitely love the Mosbeau Advanced. 

 This kind of question is not meant to necessarily compare products. Each product has uniqueness features with the same effect: to whiten the skin. Everyone has different skin types so which whitening product is best for your skin varies from person to person. 

 Thank you for the great question, Miss Raquel! We’d love to hear questions and feedback from our clients and website visitors. These kinds of questions help all our clients! Please let us know if you have a question in mind. 

 My husband and I would love to answer you back. Thanks a lot!