When you’re in the process of building your skincare routine, antioxidants always seem to come up in the conversation. Whether you’re picking out a facial serum or scanning the ingredients of your moisturizer, antioxidants are everywhere, and you need to know why. They’re materials that help protect the skin from oxidative stress and environmental damage and serve a wide array of purposes. If you’re asking, “What do antioxidants do for skin?” read on to learn more about them and why they’re essential parts of any effective regimen.

Prevents Sun Damage

Every time we leave home, our skin receives exposure to the sun’s UV rays. These light particles beat down on our cells, drying them out and eventually causing lasting damage to the deeper layers of our skin. Because of this, we need as much protection as we can get. Fortunately, even when sunscreen isn’t enough, antioxidants can pick up the slack. These products work internally to surround your cells in a protective barrier and prevent UV rays from breaking down your skin.

Decreases Inflammation

Antioxidants also combat any skin inflammation you might experience. There are several different ways your skin can become inflamed. For instance, this can happen after an acne breakout or during the healing process following an injury. The puffiness and redness often indicate an infection. Moreover, they result in noticeable scarring in the afflicted area. Antioxidants soothe these cells and protect them from additional infections.

Assists in the Healing Process

Because antioxidants greatly reduce inflammation and infections, they play critical roles in successful healing as well. Lowered inflammation means that the skin no longer needs to fight harmful bacteria as it knits the cells back together. This decreases the overall risk of scarring and makes the healing process much more efficient.

Traps in Moisture

Locking in essential moisture from the environment is another noteworthy thing that antioxidants do for the skin. In fact, using it in tandem with a moisturizer can help keep skin soft and supple for long periods. While antioxidants don’t have any of their own hydrating properties, the barrier they form around cells makes it more difficult for moisture to escape. This leaves the skin more durable and resistant to heat damage as a whole.

At Flawless Beauty & Skin, antioxidants play vital roles in many of our skincare formulas. Our brightening creams, blemish correctors, and skin lightening pills all include a form of natural antioxidants, such as vitamin C, green tea, or vitamin E. We provide products that treat your skin and protect it from further damage as well.