Relumins Advance Glow Formula Papaya Kojic Blend Soap
Relumins Advance Glow Formula Papaya Kojic Blend Soap

Relumins Advance Glow Formula Papaya Kojic Blend Soap

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Relumins Papaya Kojic Soap is a very effective soap for African Skin
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Benefits of Advance Glow Formula Papaya Kojic Blend Soap

The team at Relumins is especially proud of this new formula. It was designed to accentuate the brighter tones of melanin leaving skin with a dazzling glow!

- 135g
- Most Advanced Papaya Kojic Whitening Soap
- Effective for Melasma & Acne Scars
- Brighter, Smoother Whiter Skin, Naturally
- Chemical Free, Safe and natural whitening ingredients
- All Natural Plant Extracts
    • Grapeseed Oil1
    • Arbutin
    • Papaya2
    • Kojic Acid
- Contains a special blend of extracts that nourish the skin naturally and also produce a micro-exfoliation effect
- This formulation contains papain (a papaya enzyme), kojic acid and orange oil
- This formulation contains aloe vera, known for cooling and skin refreshing effect, refresh & soothe itchy skin.

Relumins Papaya Kojic Soap is specially formulated to give the skin a youthful even appearance. 


- Provides gentle exfoliation
- Keeps soap longer
- Creates foaming later making the soap more effective
- Prevents Bacteria from forming
- Can be used on any soap

The Relumins bath sponge has a pocket that holds a regular size bar of soap or leftover soap pieces.  Just put a bar of soap in the Relumins Soap Net's pocket and leave it there.  The soap stays in the sponge for awesome lather.  When you use the Relumins Soap Net, nothing is wasted.  The Relumins Soap Net is long lasting, it gently scrubs, stays clean and bacteria free.

1 Anti-Inflammatory and Skin Barrier Repair Effects of Topical Application of Some Plant Oils -

2 Comparison of safety and efficacy of papaya dressing with hydrogen peroxide solution on wound bed preparation...

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