Relumins Advance Glow TA Stem Cell Intensive Repair Lotion

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Brightening and Moisturizing Lotion, Perfect For African Skin
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Benefits of Relumins Advance Glow Stem Cell Therapy Intensive Repair Lotion

This formula is designed to hydrate skin and help you achieve a healthy even glow, made specially for African skin.

- 500 ml  Bottle 
- Professional formula
- Hydration Complex- a blend of TA-Plant stem cell, placenta proteins, and Hyaluronic acid- to deeply hydrate and rejuvenate skin, restore a healthy glow. 
- TA Stem Cell for Healthier, Younger, Firmer looking Skin.
- Softens skin as it lightens so you feel confident and sexy
-Clair Blanche Brightening complex
-Argan Oil to enhance soft smooth skin
-Contains Placental Protein and Alpha Arbutin

Relumins is dedicated to bringing you safe and effective products to help you achieve your personal best beauty results with advanced solutions from nature.

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