For those of us looking for treatments to lighten our skin or remove dark blemishes, it can feel like a step into the unknown.  

What if it doesn’t work? Isn’t it dangerous? Doesn’t it mean having to inject myself? Isn’t it something only celebrities can afford? Well there’s now a new, FDA-compliant, skin-lightening product from Relumins Labs which has all the right answers to those questions: a product that is proven to safely and effectively lighten and improve the condition of your skin in just a few weeks. And best of all, because it comes as an oral solution that’s super-easy to take and is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, you get the same great results as intravenous treatments, but without a needle in sight 
Intrigued? Well read on to find out why Relumins Advance White Oral Glutathione might just be the skincare product you’ve been waiting for.

Gluta-what? Glutathione – a naturally-occurring (but pretty incredible) anti-oxidant produced in our livers.  It’s central to many bodily processes, including the building and repair of tissue, liver function and the immune system, and fights the free-radicals that cause skin damage, aging and discoloration. Glutathione supplements have been used in treating or preventing all sorts of medical conditions – from cataracts to fatigue; liver disease to the toxic side effects of chemotherapy. 
But it is also becoming the increasingly popular choice of those looking to reduce skin blemishes or lighten their skin and restore it back to its fairest tone.

Does it work? In a word – yes. In a few more words – yes, and it’s been scientifically shown to do so.  
Scientists aren’t generally given to hyperbole or exaggeration.  So when the authors of a double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial by the National Institute of Health say that they found that, in just a few weeks, glutathione supplements “significantly” lowered users’ Melanin Index (basically the scale use to measure the darkness of the skin), you know that’s a pretty big deal. 
The effects of glutathione aren’t just limited to lightening the skin, though. The same trial also found “significant increases” in the moisture content of the outermost layer of the skin, suppression of wrinkle formation, and improvement in skin smoothness.  That’s quite a combination!

How does it work? We need to talk about melanin synthesis… OK, I admit that’s probably not a line you’d start a date with(!), but it’s at the heart of everything we’re talking about here. Melanin is the naturally occurring substance that gives the skin its color. The more melanin skin contains, the darker it is. Freckles, sun-spots, liver spots: all are the result of heightened melanin-levels.  Glutathione works by helping to slow the production (or ‘synthesis’) of melanin.  
Melanin synthesis involves the binding together of L-DOPA, an amino-acid, and an enzyme known as tyrosinase.  Glutathione interrupts that bonding process, and in turn, inhibits the production of melanin. Less melanin means lighter skin.
What’s more, by shifting melanin production from Eumelanin – which causes brown and yellow coloration – to Pheomelanin – which causes pink pigmentation, as in our lips –  glutathione doesn’t just lighten the skin, it also gives it a beautiful, healthy-looking pink glow.

Is it safe? Absolutely. It’s true that some skin lightening treatments carry risks. Treatments like skin bleaching creams or microderm abrasion can damage, scar, irritate or discolor the skin. Some of these products contain poisonous mercury, and regulatory agencies in the US, Japan and Europe have pointed to concerns about the safety of another ingredient commonly found in those products, hydroquinone.
But Glutathione is different. It’s been shown in numerous clinical studies to be safe and effectives when used as a supplement for skin whitening, and it’s completely painless. 
But don’t take just our word for it – Relumins’ glutathione products are compliant with FDA regulations, and its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is certified under the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices.

Haven’t glutathione treatments been around for a while? Yes, but until now, most treatments required glutathione to be taken intravenously – that is, with an injection.  
The beauty of Relumins’ Advanced Oral Glutathione is that it does away with the need for needles or trips to the clinic, while still being just as effective as IV alternatives. 
All you do is squeeze a few drops in your mouth, and you’re done – whether you’re at home or on the go, it couldn’t be simpler.  
But taking glutathione orally isn’t just quick and easy, it’s also effective – when taken as a liquid, the glutathione is absorbed through mucous membranes in the mouth, delivering a high-dosage of glutathione quickly and directly into the bloodstream. This makes it just as effective an ingestion method as injection-based glutathione. Not only that, but it even includes boosters that help maintain steady levels of glutathione between doses, for optimal results.
Oh, and did I mention that it’s certified Kosher, Vegan and Halal and even tastes great, with a citrusy, tangerine-flavored tang?!