Sante Pure Barley New Zealand Blend- 60 Capsules - BOGO!
New Packaging!! Sante Pure Barley New Zealand Blend- 60 Capsules

Sante Pure Barley New Zealand Blend- 60 Capsules - BOGO!

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Pure organic barley grass powder, helps to counter the degenerative effects of aging, provide soluble and insoluble fiber for weight management and colon health.
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Sante Pure Barley New Zealand Blend 60 Capsules

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- Promotes increased energy and safe natural slimming

Santé Barley Pure New Zealand is pure organic young barley grass grown and cultivated in the fertile plains of New Zealand. Barley grass is harvested before the grain develops. It's nutritional profile is more like that of a green leafy vegetable than that of a grain.

Barley Grass is naturally alkaline and may help to neutralize excess acidity in the body to maintain a healthy PH balance.
It contains all essential amino acids for proper metabolism.

Nutritionists recommend 5-6 servings of leafy green vegetables daily.

It takes 100 kilos of fresh barley grass to produce just 10 kilos of barley powder.

Not every farm that claims to be organic is organic.
Santé provides only organic barley from farms certified by BioGro, New Zealand's leading organic certification agency. BioGro is accredited by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) which represents the best in international organic standards.The BioGro certificate assures us that there are no unsafe levels of heavy metal, herbicide, and insecticide residues. New Zealand farms cannot be "certified organic" if unsafe residues are found. The farm must undergo residue testing as part of its certification.

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