Every person has unique and varying skin needs depending on their specific skin type. Whether you have a dryer or oilier complexion, knowing exactly what this means for you is the key to life-long skin care success. However, those who have combination skin may find themselves in a difficult situation. Since this skin type has traits of both oily and dry complexions, it can be much harder to determine the right path for you. Use these skin care tips for combination skin to start off the right way.

Know the Needs of Combination Skin

First and foremost, you need to understand your combination skin if you’re going to build a new skin care routine for it. As mentioned previously, those with this type of skin experience both dryness and oiliness depending on the skin area. This makes it difficult to choose the right course of action when caring for your skin and treating your blemishes. So, it’s recommended that you take some time to identify where your skin is dry and where it gets oily, then use this information in your planning.

Remember To Exfoliate

Those with combination skin should also make exfoliation a regular part of their regimen. While exfoliation can irritate excessively dry or sensitive skin, this process is essential to promoting cell turnover and making your cells healthier overall. Just make sure you always follow up with a moisturizer to reduce irritation. Exfoliation helps remove debris from within your pores, which goes a long way in preventing acne breakouts on your skin’s oilier patches.

Use the Right Formulas

Another important skin care tip for combination skin is to only use formulas designed for this type of complexion. Combination skin can be very sensitive to the ingredients to which it’s exposed. As such, your ideal products will need to be very gentle to avoid causing an imbalance. Because of this, you should use lightweight creams whenever you get the chance and choose gentle cleansers over deep-action ones.

Blot Away Any Extra Oil

Individuals living with combination skin can benefit from occasionally blotting their skin as well. In this practice, small absorbent pads trap any excess oil that’s on your face and reduce its shine. Blotting is a great way to freshen yourself up throughout the day and keep yourself looking great while reducing your chances of developing acne.

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