The appearance of our skin is the key to how we present ourselves to the world, how comfortable we feel, and in turn, how confident we are. This is why many individuals seek out ways to enhance their natural complexion and put their best face forward for all to see. When it comes to changing the overall tone of your skin, however, there are a series of techniques for you to choose from—with varying terminology. 

These seemingly interchangeable terms can lead to confusion when trying to understand the different processes and make it incredibly difficult to decide which one is best for your skin. Take some time to learn the differences between skin lightening, brightening, and whitening to find the look you’re after.

Skin Lightening

To begin, skin lightening is the process of slowly lightening specific areas of the skin to reduce the signs of hyperpigmentation, such as dark spots and acne scars. In doing so, it helps repair the damage caused by the sun and return your skin to its original, consistent tone. One important thing to note is that, unlike whitening, lighting is meant to happen gradually and only be used on particular areas. The products you apply will slowly reduce the melanin production in that specific region of the skin and help facilitate its natural color.

Skin Whitening

Skin whitening then, in contrast to lightening, is meant to more aggressively lighten the skin to the point where it changes your complexion. Also known as skin bleaching, this process traditionally used harsher chemicals and had potential side effects that were very undesirable, such as stretch marks or ochronosis.

Nowadays Skin Lightening and Skin Whitening use the same active ingredients with the main difference being that for Skin Whitening, products are used more frequently and in combination with the goal of achieving a skin tone that is shades lighter than the one the person was born with. Rather than simply manipulate melanin production in the skin to slow it down, skin whitening products help break down darker form of melanin called eumelanin leaving skin both fairer and brighter. This not only leaves the skin tone whiter than it was, but it also helps keep it that way for longer periods of time.

Skin Brightening

The brightening process, on the other hand, deals with a different effect entirely. Instead of changing the skin’s tone, brightening has more to do with the removing of dead skin cells and reducing dark pigments, leaving a more vibrant, glowing complexion. As we age, our skin cells begin to repair themselves more slowly from damage caused throughout our daily lives. This results in us developing older and duller-looking skin than is desired. Brightening serums work to put some of the life back into our cells and remove ones that aren’t doing us any good.

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