We don’t all have the time, nor money, to be constantly going to a nearby salon/spa and getting a deeply cleansing facial. Sometimes life gets so busy that we forget to take care of ourselves and stress takes over, and we begin to breakout. In trying times like this, you need to give yourself five minutes out of the day to take care of your skin and just relax. When it comes to the importance of your skin care routine, cleansing the skin is right next to moisturizing and applying sunscreen. Give yourself a salon-worthy facial with a cleansing brush. You might’ve seen the skincare industry going crazy over cleansing brushes in the last couple years and wondering what all the rage was about. Well here is a breakdown of cleansing brushes, their benefits, and whether you should invest in one, or not. 

Cleansing brushes have been available on the market for several years now, stemming from $7 to over $200. These brushes have become popular in people’s skincare routines. Facial cleansing brushes are handheld devices that contain a battery-operated motor which creates a high frequency vibration that deeply cleanses your skin. The motor function can use circular motion, back and forth motion, or vibration, to exfoliate the skin and clear pores. Each device comes with its own level of adjustable massage intensities that you can customize to your liking. Cleansing brushes can be built in with a timer shut-off and require only one charge for about 100 to 500 washes, depending on the brand. Some devices will come with a replaceable bristle head, and others are full body silicone brush heads. Depending on how much you want to spend and keep spending, silicone brushes are a money save in the long run. Silicone facial cleansing brushes are non-porous and require no changing of the brush head, saving you money! Investing in a silicone facial cleansing brush is a must. 

Relumins has launched a new Facial Cleansing Massager Brush with a three-zone cleansing surface that reaches all the hard to reach areas, eliminating impurities while remaining gentle on the skin. The device uses acoustic 7500 hz vibration with skin friendly silicone to effectively cleanse skin and improve elasticity without causing any damage to the skin. It’s a sonic powered waterproof device that promotes better absorption of the cleanser while washing your face and wiping away of dirt, oil, or makeup residue. The brush head is created to have lengthened thin brush head to clean large areas of cheeks, while the lengthened thick brush heads deep clean the T area of the face and around the nose. Silicone facial cleansing massager brush helps remove dead skin cells, unclogs pores, stimulates circulation, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, revealing a youthful and radiant complexion. It makes a huge impact on your skin, while being compact, travel friendly, and can fit in your pocket. Add this cleansing massager brush into your cleansing routine for a relaxing end to your day.