Grapeseed extract, or grapeseed oil, is a substance generated during the process of turning grapes into wine. It’s an all-natural product of ripened grape seeds, which contain several essential vitamins and nutrients. Just as a glass of wine can be beneficial for the heart, grapeseed oil can be good for the skin. These are some of the benefits of grapeseed extract in skin care and why you should be using it in your own routine.

Treats Acne Breakouts

First, grapeseed oil has several antimicrobial traits that are incredibly effective at reducing the development of acne. In attacking many of the bacteria that contribute to your breakouts, it can decrease their severity and, therefore, reduce the number of blemishes you get. This ingredient also has anti-inflammatory properties and can soothe any irritation you experience from these breakouts.

Improves Skin Texture

Grapeseed extract can also improve your skin’s texture. When the skin becomes dry, it often becomes rough or bumpy to the touch. Fortunately, grapeseed extract can make it easier for your skin to retain its essential moisture, which both decreases your chances of developing rough patches and makes your skin’s surface smoother to the touch.

Removes Discoloration

Another noteworthy benefit of grapeseed extract in skin care is how it can even out your skin tone. It contains a powerful antioxidant called proanthocyanidin, which can slow the generation of hyperpigmented cells and lighten your skin. While grapeseed extract doesn’t work as fast as more concentrated products, a topical application can support the treatment process.

Provides Some UV Protection

Grapeseed extract even has some sun protection capabilities. The same antioxidants that reduce signs of discoloration can also block excess UV rays that can harm your cells. This property makes grapeseed oil an effective way to add an extra layer of defense. Keep in mind, though, that this ingredient shouldn’t take the place of your existing sunscreen products.

At Flawless Beauty and Skin, we strive to provide the most natural and effective products possible to help with a multitude of skin ailments. We believe that cleaner ingredients mean a more organic and healthy treatment plan for all. As such, whether it be our acne treatments or our natural skin-lightening soaps, we formulate all our products with this vision in mind.