Rose hips are the red, rounded seed pods of the rose flower. They’re located just underneath the petals, and are known to carry many nutrients required for vegetation growth. However, it’s important to note that these little shells contain more than just a means to add to your garden. In fact, many correlations have been drawn between the vitamins in rose hips and their positive effects on human skin. These are the benefits of rose hips in skincare and why you should consider making it a part of your routine.

Additional Moisture

For starters, rose hip oil makes a great moisturizer for those who often suffer from dry skin. While the oil itself is dry and non-greasy to the touch, it contains fatty and linoleic acids which revitalize your cells and help them lock in additional hydration. This is perfect to use on all the different types of skin since it won’t leave your complexion looking shiny or feeling oily.

Exfoliating Texture

Rose hip oil is also a wonderful exfoliant. The Vitamins A and C that rose hips contain work to promote cell turnover and bring out the beauty of the newer cells underneath. When this occurs, it leaves your skin looking much more vibrant and youthful, paving the way for healthier skin overall.

Creates a Firming Effect

Another key benefit of rose hips in skincare is the firming effect they can have on your cells. Once we begin losing the collagen in our skin, it becomes much more difficult to keep it from looking dull and saggy in certain areas. Rose hip oil helps replenish some of that elasticity by supplying your skin with the necessary ingredients to help generate more collagen.

Reduces Hyperpigmentation

These effects help with signs of hyperpigmentation as well. As the cells turn over and the rest of the skin is infused with additional moisture, the production of melanin in some regions will begin to slow down. This reduces the number of darker cells on the surface of your skin and visibly shrinks your dark spots.

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