Barley water is a popular super-beverage that people have been including in their diets for generations. Packed with ample amounts of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, this drink has been associated with everything from weight loss and improved digestion to a reduced risk of heart disease. In fact, the list of effects barley has on the body can extend to a variety of areas—even the skin. These are some of the impressive health benefits of barley water for the skin and why you might want to consider incorporating it into your diet.

Improves Skin Elasticity

As we mentioned, barley contains several types of vitamins and minerals that all work together to promote a person’s overall health. But when it comes to the effect it has on the skin, one substance tends to stand out from the rest. Selenium is a very important chemical to have in your skin, as it can protect your cells from free radical damage and preserve collagen. With less damage being done to the collagen within our skin, it’s bound to maintain its natural elasticity longer.

Keeps Skin Hydrated

Barley water also keeps your skin hydrated by replenishing your body’s supply of fluids. Water is key to flushing out your systems and keeping basic bodily functions running smoothly. By fitting this drink into your regular diet, you’re obtaining various helpful minerals as well as enough water to sustain you throughout the day. Through hydration, your skin cells will remain strong to stave off damage and keep from drying out.

Treats Clogged Pores

Another impressive health benefit of barley water for the skin is that it can assist in unclogging particularly inflamed pores. Along with its other helpful minerals, this drink also contains high amounts of azelaic acid, which people often use to reduce redness and inflammation from acne breakouts. This acid targets impurities on the skin’s surface and works internally to target and neutralize the source of irritation. For this reason, barley water is effective as both a healthy drink and a natural, topical skin care treatment.

Brightens Overall Skin Tone

Overall, barley water can improve a person’s skin tone by supplying the tissue with protective vitamins and minerals. Blemishes are external signs of deep skin damage that has yet to fully heal. As such, more targeted skin-brightening creams and treatments are often necessary to pinpoint that damage and correct it. Used alongside these products, barely water can infuse your skin with protective substances such as selenium that keep the cells from sustaining further damage. This allows the products to do their job while ensuring the damage doesn’t worse.