The Many Benefits of Black Seed Oil for the Skin

Though the name ‘black seed oil’ kind of sounds like some nefarious substance that would be used by the villains in a fantasy novel, it’s actually a real and relatively unknown thing that has been applied for medicinal purposes for many years. 

The oil is gathered by pressing seeds from plants which are known as Nigella Sativa, a family which includes a few different flowers. The primary ones that we use in the family are black seed, black caraway and black cumin.

These plants are found mainly in Northern Africa and Western Asian and traditional medicine in those regions has had a black seed oil as a component. It also has many applications when it comes to cooking

So it’s a versatile plant for sure, and it’s healing properties can be useful to you outside of medicine and cooking. There are numerous ways in which you can use black seed oil to benefit your skin. 

Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits it has for skin health:

Fights Wrinkles

Most everyone will end up dealing with wrinkles at some point in their lives. It’s a natural part of aging and there’s nothing dangerous or harmful about it, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t unpleasant.

Nobody wants that constant reminder that they’re getting older and if it can be prevented in a natural way then it’s worth trying. In order to keep wrinkles at bay, what your skin needs is to retain moisture and elasticity.

There are also free radicals involved which can contribute to skin damage overtime and slowing those down helps massively. In order to achieve all of these different things, certain vitamins are required. 

Vitamins A, B and C all have these skin healing properties that we discussed and they are found in black cumin seeds. You can use the oil as a moisturizer for your face on a daily basis along with your regular daily skincare routine to keep wrinkles under control.

Unclogs Pores

Black seed oil is antibacterial as well as anti-inflammatory which means that it can be very useful in unclogging your pore. Clogged pores happen for a number of reasons including things like dry skin, excess amounts of oil or other common causes.

If you leave clogged pores as they are, there can be some very unpleasant consequences such as blackheads and acne. These will in turn cause the afflicted area to become irritated and inflamed.

The black seed oil being an anti-inflammatory should help with the pain and then its antibacterial properties should be useful in killing off the dead skin cells which are contributors to the blocked pores.

As we mentioned above, it can also help to retain moisture and again, it’s as simple as rubbing it on your skin as a moisturizer. 

Reverses Discoloration

I touched earlier on the fact that there is a high amount of Vitamin A present in black seed oil, in particular black cumin seeds and something highly beneficial about Vitamin A is that it regenerates dead skin cells. 

Much like the issue of wrinkles that we discussed above, another thing that may happen to your skin as you age is the issue of discoloration. Darker spots on your skin as a consequence of both aging and long-term exposure to the sun are common.

And it happens because the passage of the time or the rays from the sun will kill skin cells which contribute to your usual healthy colour. If you regularly apply a substance high in Vitamin A to your skin, you can actually cause those dark spots to fade. 

Can Aid in Healing Irritation

There are numerous reasons why your skin might get irritated. It could be something to do with an allergy, it could be a reaction to changing weather or it could be from some professional skin treatment that you got.

That’s not to say all skin treatments will cause irritation but you may have a bad reaction or it might just be bad luck. Take getting your legs or armpits waxed for example. Whether it’s hot wax or strip wax, if your skin is sensitive you could end up with some irritation afterwards. 

If you do get a treatment that leaves your skin red and tender, or if it happens for any reason, you could rub some black seed oil on the afflicted area and let the anti-inflammatory properties get to work. 

Much like how it helps to reduce swelling and pain as a result of clogged pores, you should feel some of your itchiness soothed and the redness starting to dissipate when the oil is applied. 

So there are numerous ways in which your skin can benefit from black seed oil and the great thing about it is that it’s an entirely natural treatment for these problems. It might be hard to come by because it’s not that well known, but getting your hands on some will be worth it for your skin.