When we think about age spots, we tend to picture a collection of flat, round, brown or black dots that appear as we age. But contrary to what many understand, these blemishes aren’t actually caused by the aging process itself. In fact, they’re often the visible representation of damage that our skin sustains throughout our lives—it just becomes more apparent as we get older. So, if you want to stop age spots in their tracks, it’s important that you’re properly protecting yourself. These are the most common causes of age spots and what you can do to avoid them.

Excessive Sun Exposure

Like other forms of hyperpigmentation, age spots are the result of an overproduction of melanin in a person’s skin cells. As such, the sun will often be the main culprit to watch out for. When UV rays are allowed to penetrate your skin for long periods of time, they can cause damage to your deeper cells and cause them to darken. Over time, these cells will work their way to the surface and appear as liver or age spots. Because of this, wearing sunscreen and limiting your time in the sun are vital ways to prevent these blemishes down the line.

Unregulated Hormones

Hormones can contribute to age spots as well. While the sun is often the main offender, irregular hormone fluctuations can also trigger the melanin production process in your cells. In these cases, only specific hormone therapies can help mitigate the condition. But if you happen to develop melasma as a result of pregnancy, these spots will typically go away on their own.

Previous Skin Inflammation

Another common cause of age spots is cell damage left behind after suffering from an injury or inflammatory acne. Much like the sun, inflammation can also cause damage to your skin cells. This damage will often remain long after your acne has cleared up and, as such, will eventually work its way to the surface in the form of age spots. Some of the best ways to keep this from happening are to treat your acne early and avoid causing further injury by picking at your face.

Age spots are some of the most devastating blemishes a person can develop as they get older. This is why it’s crucial that your prevention efforts start now. At Flawless Beauty and Skin, we aim to assist with this process by providing our customers with clean and affordable skincare formulas. While sunscreen protects your skin from further damage, our natural skin lightening products will help reduce the appearance of your already present blemishes. This way, your chances of success are greater.