Everyone’s skin is different. Whether it be tone, texture, or even blemishes, we each have varying types of skin and, therefore, skin problems that need treating. Because of this, we’re all going to approach skincare in different ways, and not everything we try will work out how we hope. But while the path to beautiful and healthy skin isn’t typically the same for everyone, there are definitely things you should remember to never do. Otherwise, you risk further damaging your complexion and setting yourself back. These are the most common skincare mistakes and how you can avoid them in your own routine.

Forgetting To Use Sunscreen

To begin, one of the biggest mistakes anyone can make with their skin is failing to protect it—especially from the sun. With prolonged exposure, the sun’s UV rays have a burning effect on a person’s cells. This can cause a severe amount of damage and, ultimately, results in the cells losing their vitality and breaking down. Sun damage can even reach deeper, attacking your skin’s supply of collagen and hindering its overall elasticity. For these reasons, you should never go outdoors without putting on a layer of sunscreen, and you should always remember to reapply every few hours.

Not Washing Your Face Enough

It’s also common for individuals to skip washing their faces. Often, this is done to help prevent excessive skin dryness. However, it’s the surest way to ensure that your pores clog with excess dirt and natural oils. This will inevitably lead to acne breakouts that are not only very hard to treat but also painful. Because of this, it’s a better habit to wash your skin twice a day—once in the morning and once at night. Doing so ensures your skin is sufficiently cleaned of oil and debris, and your pores are less likely to become infected.

Using the Wrong Skincare Products

Make sure that you’re using quality skincare products in your routine as well. Ingredients are the determining factor of a formula’s effectiveness on your skin. As such, using products with a lower potency won’t provide you with the results you’re after. So, it’s vital that you’re doing your homework and familiarizing yourself with the necessary skincare materials for your skin. Depending on your skin condition, some of these ingredients could be salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, retinol, or vitamin A.

Applying Skincare Products Incorrectly

But even if you have the right skincare products, they could still be rendered ineffective if you aren’t applying them correctly. While some formulas can quickly infuse with your skin, others might take a bit of time to fully incorporate. This is why it’s important that you apply certain products in a particular order. Typically, the cleanser will come first, followed by treatments, serums, moisturizer, and finally, your sunscreen.

Over-Exfoliating With Harsh Materials

Additionally, if you choose to utilize an exfoliant in your skincare routine, it’s crucial that you know how to correctly apply this product. Exfoliants are wonderful for removing dead cells and dirt from the surface of your skin and gently bringing your healthier skin to the surface. However, when used too often or scrubbed too harshly, these abrasive materials can begin to irritate and dry out your skin instead. Therefore, while they’re definitely advantageous to your skin, you should remember to limit your exfoliating sessions to three or four times a week.

Adopting a Poor Diet

Another one of the most common skincare mistakes doesn’t even directly deal with your skin. In fact, it has more to do with how you treat your body as a whole. Your diet greatly influences the number of nutrients available to it. Not only does this affect how your body functions, but it also starts to affect the condition of your skin. Consuming unhealthy foods can speed up the generation of natural oils, increasing your risk of breakouts. But consuming fruits and vegetables, or even taking the right supplements, can keep your skin beautiful from the inside out.

Touching or Picking at Your Face

Frequently touching or picking at your face can also cause a few skin problems. Bacteria is at the root of all forms of painful, cystic acne. As such, it’s important that you do what you can to keep these germs as far away from your pores as possible. Since our hands touch a series of dirty surfaces throughout the day, this especially means keeping your fingers away from your face. Failing to do this can increase the growth of bacteria on your skin and allow it to develop into severe blemishes.

Trying To Tan Your Skin

You’ll want to eliminate tanning from your lifestyle as well if you want to maintain youthful, glowing skin. As previously mentioned, the sun causes extensive damage to the skin. So, purposefully spending excessive amounts of time outdoors can lead to further harm and signs of premature aging later down the line. Though tanning beds are rumored to be safer than the sun itself, it’s key to mention that this isn’t necessarily true. In fact, tanning beds have been linked to even more skin issues than sunbathing.

Failing To Visit a Dermatologist

But if there’s any mistake that stands out above the rest, it’s failing to consult a dermatologist about the condition of your skin. These professionals have years of experience examining and treating certain types of blemishes. As such, they’re the perfect resource for pinpointing your exact issues and developing a realistic plan for getting rid of them. They’ll also teach you about the proper ways to use certain skincare treatments and how to keep your skin healthy as a whole. Because of this, their advice can greatly improve your chances of success.

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